Real time Video Chat add-on

Easily arrange video call with customer to get or provide more information on work orders.

Updated over a week ago

With video chat feature It is possible to create a video chat while Web App user is logged in admin panel and invites anyone by providing URL to join.

Remote video window will provide a link which can be shared as well as QR code that can be scanned with a phone. The customer gets a chat link and can join the video call.

Start video chat button will open video call window. You will be able to see all participants, talk to them or even share a screen.

What is more, chat function is also available. All participants will be able to start a conversation and send replies.

When a conversation is finished, you can leave a video call by clicking red “Leave” icon on the right corner.

As it is Frontu first steps to create a real time video feature, there is more to come.

Some plans for the future:

  • It would be possible to create unique conversations for each work order/client request

  • Record & Save conversation to work order/client request

  • Send invite by SMS/Email

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