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Projects feature are designed when working on various different projects at the same time. Learn how to create and manage them.

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Is your company working on few or more different projects? Is it difficult sometimes to manage work orders for each project? Do you get lost in a huge load of work orders and can not tell which one belongs to which project? Frontu add on for related work orders is here to help!

You can find “Projects” tab in the “Work orders” menu. Just click on “Work orders” and find the separate tab for “Projects”.

You will be able to see all the created projects as well as different filters. You can filter the project by its title, customer, object, created/project start/project end dates. The projects table also displays description field, all work orders count and active work orders count. All work orders count shows how many work orders were created for this project. Active work orders count shows how many work orders from this project is in progress right now.

Export projects button will export the projects to an excel file.

New project creation

If you want to create a new project, click “+New project” button. Fill in project’s title, customer, object, start/end time and description. You can save the project or click “Save project and create work order” instead. It will let you to create some related work orders for the project right away.

New related work orders window looks almost the same as simple work order window. However there are some very important differences. First of all, you will see “Project” field that will fill in automatically with the project from which you are creating related work orders. Secondly, customer, object and start/end date fields will be disabled and automatically filled with info from the project.

If you remove the project from the work order, then customer, object and start/end date fields will become active.

Project work order recurrence rules

The last thing is “Project work order recurrence rules” button that will help you to set how many related work orders you are planning to create.

Click on “Project work order recurrence rules” button. The window will appear with set planned start and end dates and hours. The information is taken from the project. You can uncheck some days if related work order is not necessary on that day. Below the dates the number of related work orders is displayed.

Click “Submit” button. The days, selected for recurrence will be visible under the “Project recurrence rules” button. After “save” action, all the related work orders will be created.

Projects in the work orders list

Work orders list will show all the related work orders that were created. To make it easier, you can filter them by the project.

You can also see all the related work orders if you click detailed view on the selected project. Related work orders are displayed with their status, title, creation time and number.

Related work order creation from the project is available during project implementation period. You can right click on the project, select “New work order” and create related work orders.

Have in mind that if project is expired, you will not be able to create related work orders for previous period. The date will be set up for tomorrow and later on.

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