Create and Manage Work Orders in Calendar

Overview of creating new work orders and managing them on calendar.

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It is easy to create work orders straight from calendar when we see real-time works statuses and empty slots in employees schedules. By selecting wanted time slot and user we can create and assign regular work order or also convert client requests to work orders.

Create Work Orders

If you would like to create a work order using calendar, click on a chosen day or time interval → click "New work order" fill out a new work order form → click SAVE.

Or convert existing client request to work order by extracting the list of client requests by selecting "Client requests" → "Create work order" → fill out a new work order form → click SAVE.

Manage Work Orders

If you right click on the work order, the management menu opens up. You can: quick view the work order, duplicate it, edit its information or assign the work order to selected user.

Quick view action will lead you to some other options: view report, edit, change status or select more actions by clicking "All actions".

It is easy to quickly re-assign work orders or change planned times by simply dragging work order to desired slot or user on calendar:

  • click and drag work order to sides to change planned work order time;

  • drag and drop work order to other day or employee (click, hold and release when you drag work order on the time and user you wanted to assign it to).

    If the work order has been completed already, you will see its real start and end times on calendar, if work order is not completed yet - initially scheduled start / end time shown.

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