Unassigned work order

With unassigned work order feature, administrators can create work order without assigning them to specific users.

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Frontu, the comprehensive work order management application, provides a solution for situations when work order assignment is uncertain or employees need the flexibility to choose their work order.

Configuring Unassigned work order

To enable the unassigned work order functionality, administrators need to ensure the following settings are in place:

  • Enable the "Show unassigned work order filter" option in the settings of your account. Top right corner of your Web.

  • Mark the "Show in unassigned work order list" checkbox for the relevant work order types.

By fulfilling these conditions, unassigned work orders will be visible within the Mobile App for users to access and assign to themselves.

Accessing and Assigning Unassigned Work Order

To view and assign unassigned work orders, app users can follow these simple steps:

Tap on the menu icon located at the bottom left of the screen.

Select "Unassigned work orders" from the menu options.

Upon accessing the list of unassigned work order, users can review important details such as the work order title, client information, object details, and planned start time. Additionally, work order description is visible if provided. Starting from version 5.4.13, users can also see the location of unassigned work order, with the object address displayed below the work order title.

To assign a work order to themselves, users can select the "Request work order" action. Once assigned, work order will appear as an inactive work order in their list, and it will be immediately removed from the unassigned work order list.

Administrators also have the flexibility to assign unassigned work orders using the assign or edit actions within the desktop environment. They can allocate work orders to specific users as needed.

To provide improved visibility, Frontu introduced the "Total unassigned work orders" counter starting from version 5.4.10. This counter displays the number of unassigned work orders in the list, updating automatically whenever any actions related to unassigned work orders are performed.

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