Shake report function

This article is a guide to using the Help Center function, step-by-step instructions how to use shake report function on Mobile App.

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Activating the Message Window

To initiate the reporting process, users can activate the message window by simply shaking their mobile device. This action triggers the automatic capture of a Print Screen, ensuring that all pertinent error-related options are included in the report. It's important to note that an active internet connection is required for the message to be successfully sent.

Marking the Error

For more precise reporting, users have the option to mark the exact location of the error or problem on their device's screen. By utilizing the marking tool, accessible when drawing on the screen, users can highlight specific areas related to the malfunction. In the event of an unsuccessful drawing, the "CLEAN" button allows for erasing the markings, providing a clean slate for accurate reporting.

Adding a Description

To provide additional context and details about the problem, users can push the "ADD DESCRIPTION" button. This feature enables users to describe the issue they encountered and, optionally, include their contact telephone number for easier problem resolution. It's crucial to click "CONFIRM" after adding the description to ensure that the information is saved. Failure to confirm will result in the loss of the description. Users can easily return to the main message window by clicking the designated button.

Canceling the Message

Should users decide to cancel the message about the app problem, they can click "CANCEL." This action redirects them to the previous program window, allowing them to resume their app usage without submitting a report.

Sending the Message

When users are ready to submit their report, they can click "OK." While describing the error is sufficient for sending the message, it is recommended to use the marking tool to provide a more precise report. By doing so, users can enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of their communication with the support team.

Note: All messages ever created and the entire communication history are securely saved on the Help Desk website. This ensures that users' reporting history is maintained, facilitating efficient tracking and addressing of app malfunctions or issues.

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