QR codes & NFC capabilities

In this article we look into Mobile App QR and NFC code scanning capabilities and use.

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Initiating a Work Order by Scanning QR Code

Each customer's object is assigned a unique QR/NFC code, automatically generated and accessible in the administrator environment's object preview.

To start a work order, simply click on the "Start of work order NFC/QR code" option, which opens the code in a separate window.

For work order where scanning is required, users cannot initiate them without scanning the designated code. By selecting the scan option and capturing the correct code, users can trigger the "Start work order" button located in the lower-right corner.

This action instantly sets the work order as "in progress."

Alternatively, users can directly scan the work order by clicking "Scan work order" from the work orders list, followed by the "Start work order" option.

Scanning for Efficient Work Order Search

While Frontu offers work order filters based on status, type, and date, there are cases where users need to locate work order associated with a specific object. In such instances, scanning can be used effectively. By removing any existing filters, users can access the work order list and click on the "Scan" icon in the green menu bar.

The scanning screen will appear, allowing users to scan the QR/NFC code of the desired object. Once scanned, the user will only see work orders that are linked to the scanned object, streamlining the search process.

Material Selection via QR Code Scanning

When creating a new material, a QR code is automatically generated and visible within the material form.

By right-clicking on the material and selecting "QR code," a separate window opens with the corresponding QR code, which can be scanned directly from the application.

Users can access the materials list and utilize the scanning feature by clicking the "Scan" button below. Upon successful scanning, the material information is automatically captured and populated.

Users only need to enter the required amount and any additional details, such as a description. After saving, the material will appear in the materials list for the respective work order.

Adding Jobs by Scanning Equipment Codes

Frontu allows users to add jobs by scanning equipment codes effortlessly. When the user encounters the "Scan" button alongside the "+Add" button, clicking on "Scan" redirects them to the scanning screen. Upon scanning the equipment code, the system searches for a job associated with the scanned equipment's serial number.

If a matching code and corresponding job are found, the job card opens with pre-filled data, expediting the process.

In case of any errors, the system provides informative messages such as "Equipment not found by scanned code," "Job not found by given equipment," or "Equipment code is empty."

Registering Client Requests in the Customer Portal via Equipment QR Code Scanning

The customer portal offers a convenient method for registering client requests using scanning capabilities. Customers can either scan the object code or the equipment code to initiate the process.

Within the Frontu application, users can access the Work Order Request Creation window. Clicking on "Scan object code" opens the scanning window, allowing users to scan the object code and instantly populate the corresponding information. If the work order request requires equipment, users can utilize the "Scan equipment code" button, enabling them to scan the equipment code and have it automatically appear in the equipment field.

Upon saving the request, a success message confirms its registration. Administrators can view the request in their platform and easily convert it into a work order, leveraging the pre-filled information provided by the customer.

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