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Frontu API enables quick and easy exchange of data between two systems. The API allows you to perform a lot of actions e.g:

  • GET, CREATE or UPDATE clients

  • GET, CREATE or UPDATE work order

  • GET, CREATE or UPDATE objects

    and etc.

Frontu API is based on the REST principle, which allows you to send and receive data in either JSON or XML format.


We are limiting the number of requests from one IP address -> up to 1000 requests from one IP within 5 min.

To get unique API key you need to follow these steps:

  1. Click on "Settings";

  2. Select "API";

  3. An open window will display your API key which you can use for integrations

If you want to access our API documentation, you can simply visit this link -

The documentation provides all required information for both POST and GET methods. It also includes examples on how to configure integrations and what data you will receive using GET method and what you need to post using POST method.

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