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Cash Collection add-on

Cash collection add on is designed for companies that own the process of collecting money from different objects (business or individuals).

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Frontu developed the module to help ensure clear and easy cash collection mechanism.

If you want start using the add-on, administrator have to add vehicles to Frontu system. Click on “Vehicles” in the menu. The list with already created vehicles is visible. The button for new vehicle creation is also displayed.

Click “New vehicle” button or letter “N” on the keyboard. The form for new vehicle is open. Enter the information such as title, license plate, cash limit and office. When the information is filled, click “Save” button.

Newly created vehicle will be visible in the list.

The application user, must select vehicle from the vehicles list just right after he logs in. Until the vehicle is not selected, user can not perform any other actions.

When vehicle is selected, work orders list is open. Below the work orders there is information block with vehicle, bags and balance information.

Vehicle - shows the vehicle name that was selected after log in by app user.

Bags - shows how many bags were scanned.

Balance - the first number shows the balance that is currently in scanned bags and the second one shows the cash limit that was set for that specific car.

The bags and balances information will be changing according to scanned bags and entered money amount.

For using Cash collection add-on, the administrator have to ensure that the “Bags” tab is enabled for the particular work order. Go to “Work orders type” tab from “Work orders” menu. Click edit and then “Work order tabs”. The last entry “Bags” should be selected ”Show” or “Required”.

When work order is started and “Bags” tab enabled, the application user see “Bags” tab with scanning button.

Click “Scan”. Scan any QR/Bar code. When scanning action is successful, the form to add amount and select currency is open. Bag code is visible on the top.

When amount and currency is added, you can click “+Add another currency”, if the bag has more than one. You can add as many different lines for one bag as needed.

Recycle bin icon near each line is for delete action. If you click on it, the line will be deleted. If all the currency was added, click “Save”.

All the added bags will be visible in the tab. Bag number, scanning date and time, amount and currency is displayed. Edit and delete icons are near each bag.

If user tries to scan the same bag that is already added, the message is visible and duplicate bag can not be added.

Have in mind, that the information for balances in the work orders list is changed now according to the scanned bags number and cash amount.

When work order is completed, the administrator can see bags using detailed work order view. Bags tab will show bag code, scan time, currency and sync status.

When all the work orders are completed and bags are scanned, application user can use “Delivery” icon in the application.

Delivery code is saved in web app. Click on “Settings” and find “Delivery code. When user is delivering the bags, he must scan agreed delivery code (usually displayed in the delivery place).

Delivery icon in the application is on the green zone, the last icon on the right. Click on it. Scan the code or enter it manually.

After a successful delivery, the success message is visible. All the delivered work orders are marked with the delivery icon. The bags that were delivered disappears from the information block under the work orders list together with delivered balance. Only those that were not delivered yet, remains.

Administrator will see “Delivered” flag together with “Completed” status.

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