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Administer and configure

Permissions, Creating and Importing Data, Add-ons, Analytics

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Used materialsThe report for materials used in work orders
Creating an objectHow to create an object
Object previewObject quick preview
Reporting through PowerBIIf you want to analyze the data with visuals and graphic charts, we suggest using specialized tools, such as Power BI analytics.
Reports and AnalyticsReports section will help to analyze the accumulated data from work orders.
Reports by Work Order StatusReports of your work orders by statuses, types, employees.
Reports by Jobs
Overall Reports
Mobile App Users PermissionsHow to edit the Mobile user permissions
Creating new customersWhat are customer and how to create one
Work Order actions improvementsImproved action visibility with the possibility to initiate the most important actions using keyboard shortcuts.
Approving Work ordersPossibility for service managers to approve completed work orders.
Reopen for app user actionAction allows you to reopen a return work order for Frontu application user to complete it once again.
How to limit a work order's custom field visibility based on work order types
Custom brandingIf you want your brand or service to be more visible for your customers we can offer Custom branding feature.
Multiple Company DetailsWith this feature you can use more than one company details and have PDF acts generated with different companies information.
General settingsIn general settings page you can change system settings, App settings, client request and reports settings
Work Order PDF/HTML layoutAll the sections have separate settings for separate data. User can decide what information should be included in the PDF act.
Email report settingsManage PDF reports receivers, sending rules and add additional receivers such as different departments or other related parties.
Customer PreviewFrontu web app offers a convenient feature that allows you to preview customer details with just a few clicks.
Creating a New clientWith Frontu, you can easily create new customers and customize the customer creation window to suit your specific needs.
Credit statusesCredit statuses is designed to help you identify indebted customers or any other peculiarities that may be relevant to your business.
Responsible Person PreviewFrontu provides you with the tools to a quick look for a more comprehensive understanding of responsible persons and their assigned objects.
Creating Responsible Persons
Work Order PreviewHow to preview work order in Frontu.
Creating New Work Order TypeFrontu provides you with possibility to create work order types and manage your all work orders in most efficient way.
Stop reasonsWork stoppage reasons are visible in the application, allowing users to select a stop reason from the list created in this window.
Custom fieldsAdd some fields that you miss in addition to the standard ones to customize your needs (i.e. info about object or client like agreement No.)
OfficesFrontu allows to have different offices or branches and assign users to specific locations where they work at - easy to filter and plan!
Equipment in Work Orders
Equipment moduleEquipment is a second level after object. Can be various security systems, air conditioners or cameras within the object.
QuestionnairesQuestionnaires are groups of questions that help to get additional information on the object or client and can be made mandatory to fill.
PlacesPlaces within object that need to be scanned and marked as checked (specific room, territory, gates and etc.)
SkillsYou can assign it to a specific user or work order type. This will facilitate the assignment to employees with different competencies sets.
Standard JobsStandardized jobs can have their custom hourly or unitary (fixed) rates, suggested durations. App and Web user can add them to work orders.
Importing dataThe full description to how properly import data to the system
Cash Collection add-onCash collection add on is designed for companies that own the process of collecting money from different objects (business or individuals).
Option to see warning for work order creation based on credit statusStop Creating work order for Customers with Unpaid Bills
2FA AuthenticationBy using 2FA authentication your access to the platform will stay safe and secure. Follow few easy steps how to do it.