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Resetting Invoice Status and Creating New Invoice Number
Resetting Invoice Status and Creating New Invoice Number

Errors in invoice numbers can lead to confusion and issues. This article discusses how to address the problem and provides a clear solution.

Updated over a week ago

For connecting Frontu work orders with other systems either through integration or manually work order has an attribute "Invoice status". It is reachable for web users from administrator panel. This attribute is used for storing information about invoice states or invoice number. In this article we look into how to change already inputed invoice number in "Invoice status".

To do the necessary changes administrator in the Forntu web app has to go to the work order detailed view and reset invoice status. After doing that, he will be able to add a new invoice number.

Step by step tutorial

  1. Right click on a work order you want to edit and choose "Detailed view"

  2. Click "All actions"

  3. Click "Reset invoice status"

  4. Go to work order list and add new invoice number


In the digital era, accuracy in account management is paramount. By following the steps outlined in this article, users can efficiently address and resolve invoice number errors, ensuring smooth transactions and platform operations.

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