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How to set up your device settings after installing Frontu app?
How to set up your device settings after installing Frontu app?

Ensuring that your phone settings are properly configured is essential to ensure that your Frontu app runs smoothly.

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To avoid any issues with the Frontu application performance, it is important to check your phone settings, particularly those related to system notifications and data synchronization in the background.

Device settings

To optimize your Frontu app experience, please adjust the following settings:

  1. Open "Settings" and select "Apps"

  2. Find and select "Frontu"

  3. Under "Notifications", ensure that "Show notifications" is turned on, and that "Allow sound and vibration" is also turned on.

  4. Under "Mobile data", make sure that "Allow background data usage" is turned on, and "Allow unrestricted data usage" is enabled.

  5. Under "Battery", select "Unrestricted" to ensure that the app can run in the background without any interruptions.

By adjusting these settings, you can be sure that your Frontu app will work seamlessly and you can enjoy all the benefits it has to offer.

Device specification recommendations:

  • The application is mobile phone and tablet friendly, just make sure you do not go less than 5 inches in screen size.

  • Not less than 3 GB Memory (RAM).

  • Recommended Processor (CPU) at least 2 Ghz. If your device has a graphics processor (GPU) - at least 1.1 Ghz.

  • Recommending to use Android 10 or higher operating system. The system is supporting older systems as well.

  • Memory (HDD, Storage). Minimum 8 GB.

App does not work in background

If App does not work in background you can also try more settings setup that are listed here:

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