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PDF/HTML act downloadHow to download an older PDF/HTML act
How to change passwordPassword change for different users
Not synchronizingSynchronization issues with Frontu application
Restore cancelled taskHow to restore cancelled task
Admin shortcutsShortcuts to do the work in Frontu faster
How to set up your device settings after installing Frontu app?Ensuring that your phone settings are properly configured is essential to ensure that your Frontu app runs smoothly.
What are the options for automatically sending task acts?Overview of possibilities to set up sending acts options by admin and web users
LocationWhere you can see the technician's location
Using Equipment
ReportsOur pre-made reports explained
Option to abort or cancel the taskPossibility to cancel a task in case you are unable to complete it for any reason
We introduce new backend architectureFrontu is now faster and safer
How to restore the cancelled taskWhat should be done after the needed task was cancelled
PDF/HTML report layoutProvided data will be displayed in the status report which will be sent to your clients
Calendar events explainedFrontu calendar events provides a convenient way to track important events such as vacation, sick leave to improve dispatching and planning.
Task report recipientsCompleted task act recipient' settings
Export questionnairesHow to export questionnaire answers
The task is not in the applicationThe task is not in the application. I cannot see the task in the application
PDF/HTML act languageYou can have the finished task report in different languages
Edit incorrect details on PDF / HTML actPDF / HTML act editing steps
How to create a new userSteps to take to create a user
How to enable auto update for applicationThe steps for how to enable auto update Frontu application
Offline modeLearn how offline mode works on mobile device
LanguageHow to change your Frontu app language
User listHow to create, manage or delete users (or licenses)
Permission GroupsCreate separate permissions for your different level employees