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Mobile App notifications

In this article, we guide you through the steps to troubleshoot and ensure that you receive notifications from Frontu on Android devices

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Frontu Mobile App utilizes Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) to wake up your phone and deliver notifications for new messages. This allows Mobile App to conserve battery life by not staying connected to the Frontu server in the background constantly. However, there are instances where app notifications may be disabled, blocked, or muted.

Checking Notification Settings

To begin troubleshooting, it is crucial to verify that app notifications are enabled and not being blocked or muted. Follow these steps to adjust your notification settings for Frontu:

  1. Android 5 and up: Access Device Settings → Sound & notification → App notifications → All apps → Frontu. Make sure that the "Block all" option is disabled, and the "Treat as priority" option is enabled.

Ensuring Internet Connectivity

To receive notifications in Mobile App, your device must be connected to the internet. If you are not receiving app notifications, follow these steps:

  1. Reboot your device: Perform a reboot of your Android device to refresh its system.

  2. Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep: Navigate to Android Settings → Wi-Fi → Advanced → Keep Wi-Fi ON during sleep → Set it to "Always" to ensure uninterrupted internet connectivity.

  3. Avoid force quitting Frontu: Never force quit the Mobile App using the App Manager, as this will prevent notifications from being received. Restart the app if necessary.

  4. Disable background data restrictions: Go to Android Settings → Data usage. Press the menu button and ensure that "Restrict background data" is disabled.

  5. Temporarily disable system tools: If you have any system tools like Battery-Saver, Juice Defender, Antivirus, PrivacyGuard, xPrivacy, or similar apps running, disable them temporarily or ensure they do not interfere with Frontu's functionality.

  6. Update to the latest Mobile App version: Make sure you have the most recent version of the Frontu Mobile App installed to benefit from any bug fixes or optimizations.

Optimizing Battery and App Settings

To optimize your device's battery and Mobile App settings, follow these steps:

  1. Disable battery saving mode: Access Settings → Battery → Battery saver → Turn it off to ensure optimal Mobile App performance.

  2. Android 6 and up: Go to Android Settings → Battery → Battery optimization → All apps. Scroll to Frontu and select "Don't optimize" to prevent battery optimization restrictions.

  3. Sony devices: Disable "Stamina" mode, as it may restrict the functionality of the Frontu app.

  4. Xiaomi / MIUI devices: Access "Settings → Additional Settings → Battery and Performance → Manage apps battery usage". Turn off any "Power saving modes". Open the Security app, navigate to Permissions, and add Frontu to Autostart. Finally, run the Task Manager, find Frontu, and drag it downwards until the padlock icon appears.

  5. Android 11: If you intend to use the background location feature in Frontu, ensure that you grant the necessary additional permissions specific to your device.

Additional Considerations

For users of Huawei and newer Samsung devices, please follow these steps to optimize settings for Frontu:

  1. Huawei devices: Access Settings → Advanced Settings → Battery manager → Protected apps. Scroll to Frontu and ensure that "Power intensive" is set to "On" and "Protected" is enabled. Then, go to Settings → Apps → Frontu → Battery and ensure that "Power-intensive prompt" is set to "On" and "Close after screen locked" is set to "Off".

  2. New Samsung devices: Disable any additional settings

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