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What are the options for automatically sending task acts?
What are the options for automatically sending task acts?

Overview of possibilities to set up sending acts options by admin and web users

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To set up the automatic sending of task reports, you can use the "Send completed task report" section in the Email report settings.

Set up options:

  1. Enable or disable sending task reports by selecting "Yes" or "No" from the "Send reports" dropdown.

  2. Specify whether to use the client's email address to send the report by selecting "Yes" or "No" from the "Send reports to contact person" dropdown.

  3. If you want to send reports to additional recipients who are relevant to the customer, you can enable the option by selecting "Yes" from the "Send email reports to additional customer’s email" dropdown, and then enter the email addresses in the "List of additional recipients" field.

  4. You can configure when task reports should be sent based on task statuses by selecting "Completed" or "Approved" from the "Send task reports on this status" dropdown.

If in your service process service managers are checking each completed task and confirming them before invoicing we recommend configuring sending acts with status approved. In this case, service managers need to confirm each completed task using approve task action.

Sometimes you don't need to send acts for all tasks. In such a case, we have an additional possibility to disable it on the task type level.

Just go to task types, select it, click edit, and in settings make sure "Send summary email" is disabled.

A user guide about all "Email message settings" options is available in

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