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Create Periodic / Recurring Work Order
Create Periodic / Recurring Work Order

Instructions how to create periodic/recurring work order. All the fields and recurring rules explained.

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Periodic work orders can be created for seven days in advance. Each generated periodic work order can be edited, but it will not influence any other periodic work orders.

How to create a periodic/recurring work order?

If you wish to create a new periodic work order, click on green "New work order" button.

In the periodic new order creation window enter its title, planned start date, select work order type, customer, object and repetition of generation.

Work orders are generated at 4:00 AM UTC, therefore you will not be able to see them right away.

When you enter the periodic work order start time, please be aware that with daylight saving time will change automatically 1 hour forward in spring and 1 hour backward in autumn.

E.g. When the periodic work order start time was set at 14:00 before daylight saving time, then it will be automatically generated at 13:00 in daylight saving time.

Fields explanation

“Template” - you can select an existing template and use it for periodic work order creation. The information saved in template will be filled automatically in the periodic work order creation form.

“Periodic work order” - enter the title here.

"Planned date" - displays the planned start date and time.

“Customer” - select the customer from the list or create new one.

“Object” - select from customer’s objects list or create new one.

“Assigned user” - displays the user who is responsible for the completion.

“Office” - dropdown list will let to choose from existing offices and use one as a periodic work order office.

“Description” - additional information if needed.

"Repetition" - displays how often and at what time intervals the work orders will be generated. For example, if you select repetition on Mondays and Fridays, and will set a specific date in End Repeat, then until that date a work order will be created at a set time every Monday and Friday.

Recurring rules

Work order repetition can be generated:

  • Daily (select number of days);

  • Weekly (select number of weeks for repeat, and days of the week);

  • Monthly (select number of months for repeat, days of the month or days of the week).

For each repetition you should select when a repeat ends:

  • Never;

  • After a certain number of generations;

  • Until a set date.

"Repetition dates" show what days periodic work orders will be generated on according to set parameters. A maximum number of 100 dates can be displayed.

Work orders and future work orders queue

When a periodic work order is saved, you can review, edit (can not edit repetition dates), archive or copy it.

Detailed view consists of three tabs: periodic work order, work orders, future work orders queue. Periodic work order displays the general work order info, work orders shows already generated work orders and future work order queue will list the upcomingwork orders that are still not generated.

User can click on red x icon and delete any of upcoming work orders if it is not needed anymore to be generated. If user deleted a work order from the list by mistake or changed his mind, he can restore the action by clicking once again on the particular work order with green icon.

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