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Manage Work Orders and Client Requests
Manage Work Orders and Client Requests

Create Work Orders, Use Templates or Periods, Reassign, Reopen, Abort

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Manage work orders filtersDetailed filters helps to find needed information in the work orders list. Various options allows to find any work order by its criteria.
Manage Work Orders in the listWork orders list provides information regarding the statuses and possible actions.
Invoice statusInvoice status feature lets to add invoice number and set the invoice status to any work order.
Quick access to remarksThe remarks preview pop-up displays all the images and notes added by technician or service manager
Total report and work orders exportTo analyze the full work orders data, use export or total report feature .
Work Order PreviewThe preview allows see and perform different actions for work order.
Create Draft Work OrderDraft lets user to prepare a work order that is not visible to a technician yet. It can include jobs, materials, remarks etc,
Create New Work OrderFind out the primary and additional information for work order. Learn how to create a work order and set up the work order's form.
Check assigned user's availabilityUse assigned user's availability feature when creating a work order. Make sure the work order is assigned effectively.
Add jobs/materials and copy work orderLearn how to copy a work order or add jobs/materials/remarks to the work order before sending to the application.
Indicator trackingIndicator tracking as a tool for objects maintenance.
Create New Work Order from TemplateWork order's creation from a template.
Send Message from Work OrderShort instruction on how to send a message regarding the work order to the application user from the administrator platform.
Use NFC / QR / Bar code to start or/end Work OrderDetailed explanation from web app and mobile app how to use NFC/QR/Bar code scanning.
Reassign Work OrderBrief introduction on how to reassign the work order in the web platform.
Reopen Work OrderHow you can reopen the work order, change it after it was completed and regenerate the act to show updated information.
Abort Work OrdersAny work order can be cancelled if it is not completed or in progress.
Preview Periodic / Recurring Work OrderPeriodic work order helps planning the upcoming work for technicians. You can find out how to preview recurring work orders.
Create Periodic / Recurring Work OrderInstructions how to create periodic/recurring work order. All the fields and recurring rules explained.
Manage Related Work OrdersHow to create and manage related work orders. Learn how to use other actions that can be performed.
Manage Client RequestsInformation on how to manage client requests in the web app.
Create New Client RequestBrief information how to create a client request.
Review Client RequestClient request review using quick and detailed view.
Create Work Order from Client RequestHow to create a work order using a client request information.
Request additional info from ClientLearn how to request additional information from the customer to client request.
Work Order TemplatesUse templates for work orders that usually have same jobs and materials or require specific pictures / remarks to be taken during completion
TagsYou can create your own tags to group and filter your requests, work orders, customers, or objects
Managing Client RequestsCreate new Client Request and manage existing onces
Manual sync and triggers for integrations
Invoice status - integration
Optimizing Work Order Titles and Work Order descriptionsA closer look at character limitations in the work order title, use cases, work order description field use.