Work order list window

In this article, we will explore features and filters available in the work order list, enhancing user efficiency and work order management.

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Work order List Overview

The work order list window is divided into two sections: the active work order list and the other work order list. By default, the active work order in progress are displayed at the top, providing essential information such as work order title, object name, serial number, address, and planned time. To quickly find a specific work order, users can utilize the search bar located at the top of the window.

Work Order Type Visibility

Starting from version 5.4.35, the work order type is now visible in the work order list alongside other work order information. This enhancement enables users to quickly identify the type of work order they are working on.

Navigation and Options

Clicking on the menu icon in the green zone below provides access to review clients, objects, and responsible persons. Users can also navigate to the user manual for Mobile App information and log out if needed.

Additionally, from version 5.1.27, users can utilize the scan feature to find objects by scanning their codes. Simply click on the "Scan" button on the green line and scan the object code to retrieve instant results.


Notifications are located in the green zone, bell icon. Mobile App You user is informed when a new work order for him is created as well as when work order information is changed.

Refreshing and Syncing

To manually refresh the work order list and sync created data, users can swipe down the list until an animated "refresh" icon appears on the screen. Alternatively, pressing the sync button in the green zone below achieves the same result. This ensures that the work order list remains up to date with the latest information.

Efficient Filtering

Frontu offers various filters to streamline work order management. Users can filter work order by status, type, date, and more. Each work order status is assigned a specific color and icon, visible not only in the filters window but also next to each work order in the list. The available filters include:

Inactive - created, assigned work order not yet accepted.

Confirmed - accepted work order.

In progress - work order currently underway.

Stopped - work order that were halted for specific reasons.

Unsigned - completed work order without customer's signature.

Completed - fully completed work order.

Cancelled - work order that were deemed irrelevant and canceled.

Periodic - work order generated from periodic work order.

Urgent - urgent work order marked in red with a fire icon and accompanied by a loud sound notification.

Overdue - work order that are delayed.

Today - work order planned for the current day.

Tomorrow - work order scheduled for the next day.

After tomorrow and later - work order scheduled for future dates.

Helper - work order managed by assistants.

“Clear” button removes all the filters that you selected before. Then you will be able to add filters by yourself again.

“Save” button will save selected filters for you. Only work order that match selected filters are displayed in the list.

Reopened and Approved statuses only exist in the Web App environment. There is no filters for them and reopened or approved work order are not available on Mobile App.

Scanning and Code Recognition

The scanning icon allows users to scan NFC/QR codes associated with work order or objects, facilitating quick access and retrieval of specific information.

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