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Mobile App information, permissions, FAQs
Mobile App information, permissions, FAQs

In this article, we address some frequently asked questions about Frontu Mobile App general characteristics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much space does Frontu Mobile App occupy on my phone?

The Frontu application itself, downloaded from Google Play, takes up less than 60 MB. However, the total space occupied by app depends on the data stored within the app. As more data is saved, the app's size on your mobile phone will increase.

How much mobile data does Frontu Mobile App consume per month?

The mobile data usage of Frontu varies based on how frequently the app is used and whether automatic updates are enabled. Additionally, the size of the information stored in app impacts mobile data consumption.

Can Frontu Mobile App manage or view my personal photos on my phone?

Frontu requests permissions for location, phone calls, and gallery access. The location permission is used for travel routes and work order assignments based on proximity. The app only detects location when it is open and in use. Phone call permission is necessary for making calls directly from the Frontu application. The gallery permission allows users to attach photos and files from their phone to work order. Frontu does not view or save personal data from the photo gallery.

Why does the Mobile App need access to phone calls?

Frontu requires phone call access to facilitate immediate communication with responsible persons or clients regarding work order. Contacts added to work order can be used to initiate phone calls or send emails directly from the app.

Can Frontu Mobile App see the location of my mobile device?

Frontu itself does not recognize the coordinates of your location. However, if your mobile device has location services enabled, Frontu can retrieve location data. Frontu uses foreground location, which means location updates occur only when the app is open. To enable location visibility in Frontu, ensure that the location information setting is enabled on your phone. Without this access, Frontu will not be able to see your location.

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