Mobile App self test

In this article, we will explore essential settings and explain how to run the self test to optimize Mobile App functionality.

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Before utilizing the Frontu Mobile App, it is important to ensure that all essential settings are enabled to guarantee smooth operation. To assist users with this process, Frontu provides a convenient "Self Test" function located in the user menu list. This self test allows users to check the status of crucial parameters that affect Mobile App performance.

Running the Self Test

To begin the self test and check the essential settings, follow these steps:

Open the Mobile App and access the user menu list.

Look for the "App info" function and select it to initiate the check.

Parameters and their Status

During the self test, various parameters will be assessed, and their status will be displayed. Here are the parameters and their corresponding status indicators:

Version - Shows current Mobile App version. A green status indicates that your Mobile App is up to date.

Internet access - Indicates the availability of an internet connection. A green status signifies a successful connection.

Google access - Displays the availability of Google services. A green status indicates successful access.

Frontu access - Shows the Mobile App connection with Frontu services. A green status confirms a successful connection.

Location enabled - Indicates whether the device's location function is turned on. A green status signifies that the location function is enabled.

Bluetooth enabled - Displays whether Bluetooth is turned on. A green status indicates that Bluetooth is enabled.

Unknown sources - Shows whether the device settings allow the installation of the Frontu app APK file (for custom app installations). A green status signifies that the setting is enabled.

App is in ignore optimization list - Shows whether the Mobile App is in device setting set to don't optimize. A green status signifies that the optimization is disabled.

Is device in power saver mode - Indicates whether devices power saver mode is turned on.

Re-running the Test

To perform the self test again and check the current settings and GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) messaging settings, click on the "RETRY" button. This will prompt the device to re-evaluate the parameters.

Note: For optimal Frontu app operation, it is crucial to have a reliable connection to the internet, Google services, and Frontu services. While non-essential settings can further enhance the app's functionality, ensuring the availability of these essential connections is of utmost importance.

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