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Starting/completing work order with start/end code
Starting/completing work order with start/end code

Frontu incorporates the use of QR and NFC codes. These codes serve as tools for employees to initiate, track, and complete work orders.

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Scanning Object Start and End Codes

Each customer object within the system can be assigned a unique QR/NFC code. When employees wish to commence or conclude a work order, they must scan the respective object start and end codes, depending on the specific requirements.

When creating a new work order on Web App, operators have the option to enable the "Require work order start code" and/or "Require work order end code" checkboxes. Additionally, this requirement can be set at the work order type level, ensuring that all work orders under a particular work order type necessitate code scanning.

To generate or review an object's QR/NFC code, there are two methods:

  • Detailed work order Preview: Right-click on the work order, select "DETAILED VIEW," click on the object's shortcut in the first section, and open the information window. From there, choose either "WORK ORDER START NFC/QR CODE" or "WORK ORDER END NFC/QR CODE." Save the generated code as an image and print it out if you want to affix it to the corresponding object.

  • Detailed Object Preview: Access the object's detailed preview and click on "WORK ORDER START NFC/QR CODE" or "WORK ORDER END NFC/QR CODE" in the first section.

When both the start and end codes are required, employees can simply click the "SCAN" button and scan the object's QR code before initiating the work order. The scan option will then be replaced with a "Start work order" button upon successful scanning.

Scanning Codes for Work Order Confirmation and Reopening

In cases where a work order needs to be confirmed or reopened, the Mobile App user can directly access the scan option from the work order list. Clicking on the option allows them to scan the relevant code.

If the scanned code is correct, the app displays a success message, allowing users to proceed with the work order.

If an invalid code is scanned, the app notifies the user and prompts them to try scanning a different code until a valid one is obtained. This ensures accurate tracking and management of work orders.

Enhanced Work Order Filtering with Code Scanning

The Frontu Mobile App also offers the convenience of code scanning within the work order list. By clicking on the scan icon displayed on the green line at the bottom, users can filter all work orders associated with a particular object. This feature simplifies the work order finding process.

Concluding Work Orders with Object QR/NFC End Code

Upon completing a work order, employees are required to SCAN the object's QR/NFC end code instead of relying on the client's evaluation. This process captures essential information such as the employee's signature, ensuring comprehensive work order completion and documentation.

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