Manage work orders filters

Detailed filters helps to find needed information in the work orders list. Various options allows to find any work order by its criteria.

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Detail filter fields are incorporated in the tab, so the search is easy to use. You can see a lot of filters that can filter work orders by statuses, types, objects, customers, etc.

Have in mind that some filters, e.g. customer filter can filter out the work orders not only by customer's name but also by phone number.

The filter “Signature signed” will let you to filter the work orders with or without a signature from a customer. Show all option will display all the entries.

What is more, if a work order has a signature from a customer added, the additional icon near the completed status is displayed.

Filter by multiple assigned users/created by in work orders list

We made a multiple assigned user and created by user selection for an easier management of the work orders. In this case now, the administrator can filter the work orders by selecting multiple users at once. There can be selected as many users as needed, different roles are available too. Only those work orders that include selected users will be visible in the list.

Personal filters

You can create and save your personal filters. Just select any filters from the list you want to apply and select “Save” option icon. Filter will be saved and will appear into personal filters drop down list. Now you can use saved filters anytime. The number of personal filters is unlimited.

The "save" and "remove" actions can be managed by green and red icons. To save a filter use green icon and to remove it click the red icon.

When trying to remove filter you will get pop up message asking if you really want to complete this action. You can submit or close the window.

It is personal filters so other users will not be able to see them.

Select filters

You can select filters by using checkboxes, click on "Select filters" button and you will be able to see all possible filters that you can use for easier search in the work orders list. Arrows nearby the filter names will let you move filters up and down by using drag and drop action.

There are two filters for the office. The first one is “User office” and filters the work orders by the assigned user’s office. Another one is “Work order office” and filters the work orders by the office that was selected for the specific work order.

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