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Equipment tab

In this article, we will explore how to manage equipment - create, edit, assign, reme, install, and more.

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Accessing and Editing Equipment Details

Frontu provides a dedicated "Equipment" tab under the "Contact persons" section, allowing Mobile App users to easily access equipment information.

By selecting the "Equipment" option, users can view a list of all associated equipment.

Clicking on existing equipment enables users to edit its details.

The information tab provides equipment-specific details such as name, object, model, and more. Users can also add files related to the equipment by clicking the green "+Add" button. Additionally, the action histories section displays a log of actions performed on the equipment.

If equipment has custom fields created in Web App environment, they all will be visible in equipment review/edit/create window.

Creating New Equipment

To create new equipment, users can click the plus symbol located in the lower right corner of the interface. They can then enter the title, select the model and object, and optionally add a serial number. Dates for installation, warranty expiration, and next maintenance can be specified. Additional remarks can be included for supplementary information. Users can also attach files by navigating to the "List of files" tab, selecting files from their mobile devices, and adding them. Upon completing all the necessary information, users can save the equipment by clicking the tick symbol in the lower right corner, and the newly created equipment will be added to the list.

Enhanced Efficiency with Scanning and Custom Fields

Starting from version 5.4.16, Mobile App users can conveniently scan serial numbers when creating or editing equipment. This feature minimizes errors caused by manually entering lengthy sequences of numbers or symbols. By clicking on the scan symbol within the serial number field, users can scan the code and have the serial number automatically populated. Furthermore, custom fields created in the desktop environment will be visible in the equipment review/edit/create window, ensuring comprehensive information capture.

From v. 5.4.25 equipment code field were added to the form.

Integration within Work Orders

Frontu seamlessly integrates equipment management within work orders. Technicians can access the equipment list specific to the assigned work order by clicking on the "Equipment" tab. This allows them to perform various actions and view essential details such as location and warranty expiration dates (introduced in version 5.4.13) without the need to open individual equipment profiles.

Performing Actions on Equipment

Within the equipment tab, users can perform several actions by clicking on the three dots associated with each equipment entry. These actions include assignment, removal, adding work, and adding material. Adding work or material redirects users to the respective tabs, automatically assigning the equipment to the new job or material entry. After saving the job or material, users are redirected back to the equipment tab for further actions.

Assigning and Removing Equipment

The assign action requires users to leave a comment before the "Confirm" option becomes available.

Upon clicking "Confirm," a new window for object selection appears, enabling users to choose the desired object for equipment assignment. Successful assignment is indicated by the equipment appearing in the list with the newly assigned object highlighted in green.

Similarly, the removal action requires a comment and confirmation. A subsequent object selection window displays available warehouses for equipment return. Users can select the appropriate warehouse, and the equipment will be removed accordingly.

Efficient Equipment Installation

Frontu facilitates equipment installation from warehouses. By clicking the green "+Install to object" button, users can view all equipment available in the warehouse. They can easily select the desired equipment they wish to install. In the event that the equipment is not found in the warehouse, users can effortlessly create new equipment by clicking the plus sign. Once the installation action is completed, the newly installed equipment will be immediately visible in the list.

Additionally, vital equipment details such as serial numbers and model information are prominently displayed, ensuring accurate and comprehensive equipment tracking.

If a user realizes a mistake, they can swiftly reverse the action by performing a long click on the specific action and selecting "Revert" from the pop-up window. This intuitive feature allows users to eliminate erroneous actions from the equipment history, ensuring a clean and accurate record of equipment management.

"Revert" action can only be executed if the status of the work order remains unchanged. Once the status of the work order has changed, and the information has been transmitted to the server, the "Revert" action becomes unavailable. It is crucial for users to promptly address any mistakes before the work order status is modified to ensure successful action reversibility.

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