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In this article, we will explore how to manage assigned places in Mobile App.

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Assigning Places to Work Orders

When work orders are associated with specific places, Frontu's intuitive interface provides a dedicated "Places" section. This section displays all the assigned places for a particular work order, allowing employees to easily access and interact with the relevant location information. By organizing places within the work order context, Frontu enhances overall work order efficiency and enables seamless navigation.

Scanning Places for Easy Identification

Frontu offers the convenience of scanning places using NFC or QR codes. Upon arrival at a designated place, employees can quickly scan the code associated with that location. The scanning feature eliminates the need for manual data entry and significantly reduces human error, ensuring accurate place identification. By simply clicking the "Scan" button, employees can initiate the scanning process.

Visual Confirmation of Scanned Places

Once a place is successfully scanned, Frontu visually indicates its status to provide immediate confirmation. Scanned places are prominently marked in green, allowing employees to easily identify which locations have been processed. Additionally, each scanned place is accompanied by a date and time stamp, providing a comprehensive log of when the scanning event occurred.

Efficient Tracking and Monitoring

By incorporating scanning capabilities, Frontu empowers organizations to efficiently track and monitor place-related activities. The system maintains a real-time record of scanned places, enabling supervisors and administrators to monitor employee progress and work order completion. This level of transparency and accountability ensures that work orders are carried out according to plan and that all assigned places are properly attended to.

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