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In this article, we will look into Mobile App work order details, completion statuses, and options to sign off on work order completion.

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Accessing the Work Order Summary

To access the work order summary window, you can either navigate to it after completing the work order or directly from the work order preview window. The summary window becomes available when the work order status falls under the following categories:

  • Completed

  • Unsigned

  • Completed with remarks

Work Order Details

The work order summary window provides a concise overview of essential information related to the work order. This includes:

  • Outlay - the outlay section presents comprehensive details regarding the jobs completed, materials utilized, routes added, and the total cost associated with the work order.

  • Remarks - if you have added any specific remarks to the work order, they will be displayed in this section, allowing for quick reference and easy communication.

  • Questionnaire - in cases where a questionnaire was assigned to the work order and you have filled it out, the questionnaire responses will be visible in this section, ensuring seamless access to important data.

Enhanced Route Summary

Starting from version 5.1.27, Frontu has introduced a valuable addition to the route summary. Alongside the price of the route, the summary now includes the distance covered in kilometers or miles. This enhancement offers users a comprehensive view of both the cost and distance aspects of the assigned route, aiding in better planning and evaluation.

Completion Options

At the bottom of the work order summary page, Frontu provides three distinct options for signing off on work order completion. These options cater to different scenarios and requirements:

  • Scan: If the work order completion involves scanning a QR code or NFC code, Frontu offers the "Scan" function for seamless completion using this method.

  • Request Signature: For situations where the client's remote signature is necessary, Frontu allows users to utilize the "Request Signature" feature, facilitating the remote signing process.

  • Client Sign: When the client is physically present, the "Client Sign" option enables them to sign directly on your device, ensuring a streamlined and efficient completion process.

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