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In this article, we will explore work order completion process by automating questionnaires and facilitating the attachment of pictures.

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Automated Questionnaires

When a work order requires the completion of a questionnaire, Frontu automatically displays the relevant form in the questionnaire tab. However, users also have the flexibility to add additional non-required questionnaires. By clicking the "Add" button and selecting a form from the list, users can include supplemental questionnaires to capture specific details or gather additional information.

Creating Questionnaires

Frontu allows the creation of questionnaires with questions exclusively in the Web App environment. This ensures that administrators or authorized personnel can design comprehensive forms tailored to specific work order requirements. Questionnaires support the marking of one or more answers, and users can add text comments under each question, providing valuable insights and explanations.

Adding Pictures

Starting from version 5.4.9, Frontu offers an option to add pictures directly from the device's gallery or capture photos in real-time. To add pictures, users can simply click on the camera icon next to the note field. This action presents two options: the camera icon enables immediate photo capture, while the pictures icon on the right opens the gallery for selecting and attaching images.

Managing and Reviewing Pictures

Once pictures are selected, users can click the "Save" button to consolidate their choices. The images will be displayed in a row, allowing users to review, edit, or delete them if necessary. If users are satisfied with all the attached images, they can click "Save" to confirm their selection.

Visual Annotations for Clarity

In cases where further clarification is needed for the information provided in a photo, Frontu offers a pencil icon that allows users to mark specific details directly on the image. By using this annotation tool, users can highlight crucial areas or add visual indicators to enhance understanding. After completing the necessary annotations, users can save the changes by clicking "Save" on the lower-right side of the interface.

Visibility in Work Order Completion and PDF Act

After the save action, users can easily view the question, the selected answer, and all the attached pictures within the work order completion interface. This ensures that all relevant information is readily accessible for review and verification. Furthermore, all pictures and photos added throughout the work order process will also be visible in the completed work order PDF act, providing a comprehensive record of the work order's progress and details.

If the application user adds some remarks to the answer, those remarks are marked in bold.

Only mobile app users can fill in the created and published questionnaires using the mobile app; administrators cannot fill them in using the web app.

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