Work Order Preview

The preview allows see and perform different actions for work order.

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If you want to preview a work order, double-click or right-click on it:

  • Quick view - main work order information;

  • Detailed view - full work order information;

  • Download report - work order report in PDF file to be downloaded, only if work order is completed/approved;

  • View report - opens report in a new browser tab;

  • Print act template - can be enabled by Frontu team and lets to print an empty PDF act template

  • Edit/Archive/Copy work order - archiving, duplication, and editing. These options may be unavailable depending on authorization rights.

  • Cancel work order - aborts the work order if it is not completed yet

  • Change status - lets administrator to change status accordingly. The changed status also appears in the app and application user continues the progress with changed status.

Change status

For change status, administrator needs to select the option from detailed view or using right mouse click. In the pop up window needs to select the status and click “Save”.

The selection of statuses depends on the current work order status. Work order status can not be changed for completed and approved work orders.

All actions

In a detailed preview you can view all related information: object, customer, work order status history, remarks, lists of jobs and materials, inspection places, equipment and customers' evaluation, helpers and files that were attached during creation/execution of a work order.

All actions button will let you to perform any possible action from the detailed view.

If you wish to preview specific information (e.g. list of jobs), click on the corresponding section. You will be able to add job/material or review the added information.

Also, if the work order status is not "In progress", you can edit or archive jobs/materials from the inside the work order.

Edit form will let you change the job, its intervention date, suggested quantity/duration, price and other information. For editing the job's date, have in mind that you can not select the date that is previous to the work order creation date.

If the job is being updated from the application the date will be set same as the updated field. And if job is being updated from the administrator and status is reopened, date will be not automatically updated.

The date is also visible in the PDF and list and work order's summary.

Work order actions button will show all possible actions that can be performed directly from detailed view page, any of tabs.

Remarks preview

Remarks tab has a button “Download all images”. If you need to download all images that were added as remarks and also to questionnaires, you can do that by using this button. Zip file will be downloaded to your computer.

You can add remark without any text or pictures, so make sure you filled in needed information before saving it.

Route history preview

Route history tab will provide the routes added to the work order by a technician in the application. Administrator can click on the pencil icon if he wants to change the distance or “from” “to” information.

Edit action will open a pop up, where the distance and the start/end point can be changed. Distance is required but the “from” “to” information can be left empty. After changes, click “Save”. Newly saved route will be visible. Total amount will be calculated and changed automatically.

The number of displayed sections in the work order depends on settings set in the work order type window.

Send data to external system

You will see “Send data to external system” button that will let initiate manual work order synchronization with 3-d party system. The function might be used to resend data to the external system if the data previously was sent incorrectly or due to synchronization issues.

When you need to resend data, click on the button and select from two event types: work order billed or finished. After clicking “Resend” button you will see success message that data was resent to the 3rd party.

Bulk archive/download reports option

If you would like to archive or download a report for more than one work order, you have to select all needed work orders and right click on them. By selecting "Archive", all selected work orders will be archived. By selecting "Download reports", all reports for selected data will be sent and seen in one ZIP file.

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