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Additional Features in the Work Order Details
Additional Features in the Work Order Details

In this article, we will look into the additional features available within the work order details.

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Accessing Additional Options

By clicking on the three dots located on the work order, users can access an additional menu window that offers various useful options. These options include downloading a report, utilizing Google Maps navigation, reviewing responsible persons, and initiating a trip.

Downloading Work Order Reports

With a single click, users can effortlessly download a report for any completed work order. The report will be saved as a PDF file in the "Downloads" folder on the mobile device, allowing for easy access and reference.

Google Maps Navigation

Selecting the Google Maps navigation option opens the Google Maps application, providing users with a suggested route to the work order location. The object's address and the user's mobile device location are automatically detected, ensuring accurate navigation guidance.

Reviewing Responsible Persons

To view the responsible person associated with a client, simply click on the "Responsible Person" option within the work order details. The visibility of responsible persons may depend on the settings configured by the administrator. Users may see all responsible persons, only those assigned to the object, or all contacts associated with the customer.

Starting and Tracking Trips

By selecting the "Start trip" option, the work order receives an additional "Travelling" icon resembling a car. This feature allows users to track the actual time it takes to reach the work order location, providing valuable insights beyond the planned route. To remove the trip tag, users can click on the three dots again and select "Stop trip."

Multiple Options and Flexibility

Frontu offers the flexibility to select multiple options within the additional menu window, allowing users to seamlessly perform various actions as needed. Whether it's generating reports, utilizing navigation services, reviewing responsible persons, or tracking trips, Frontu empowers users with a range of choices to enhance their work order management capabilities.

Conclusion: The Frontu mobile application provides a comprehensive set of features within the work order details, enabling users to efficiently manage their work orders. By utilizing the additional menu options, such as downloading reports, leveraging Google Maps navigation, reviewing responsible persons, and tracking trips, users can optimize their workflow and gain valuable insights for effective work order execution. Embracing these features within Frontu enhances productivity and streamlines work order management processes.

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