Work order quick completion

In this article, we will explore "quick complete" work order process and the necessary setup steps for administrators.

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Using the Quick Complete Option

Once all the necessary information is filled in the app for a particular work order, users can take advantage of the quick complete option. To initiate this, simply click on the "Stop" button located in the right corner of the screen. From the menu that appears, select the "Work order is completed" option. Finally, click the "Proceed" button to finalize the process.

Before utilizing the quick complete feature, administrators need to configure the web environment by enabling the "Quick completion" option in the work order type settings. This step ensures that the quick complete functionality is available for app users, enabling them to expedite the work order completion process.

With the quick complete option selected, the work order is immediately marked as completed, without any further requirements for filling in additional data. Even if no signature was added during the process, the status of the work order changes to "Completed." This feature enables users to swiftly progress through their work orders, reducing time-consuming work orders and simplifying the overall workflow.

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