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Remote client signature

This article will guide you through the process of requesting a remote client signature using Frontu, providing flexibility and ease of use.

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Requesting a Remote Client Signature

To initiate the remote client signature process, navigate to the Work order summary page within the Mobile App. From there, you can select the "Request signature" option.

How to Request a Remote Client Signature

Click on the "Request client signature" button.

An inner window will appear, featuring an empty email field.

Enter the client's email address in the provided field.

Click "Request" to send the signature request.

The client will receive an email containing a link that allows them to sign the work order remotely. By clicking the marked text "here" in the email, the client will be redirected to the work order, where they can view the work order number and review a report before proceeding with the signature.

Please note that the email text can be customized to suit your preferences. You can modify the email text by accessing the Settings menu, navigating to PDF/HTML report layout, and selecting "Email text" followed by "Remote signature email text" (available from version 4.5.0 onwards).

Signing the Work Order

Once the client has accessed the work order via the provided link, they will be prompted to fill in their information, rate the work, and leave their signature. The client's signature serves as confirmation that the work order has been completed to their satisfaction.

Updated Status and PDF Report

Upon the client's signature, both the desktop environment and the Frontu application will reflect a change in status to "Completed" for the respective work order. Additionally, the client will have access to a PDF report after signing, allowing them to review the details of the completed work order.

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