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Confirming Work Orders Remotely
Confirming Work Orders Remotely

Review executed Work Order, evaluate and sign it remotely

Updated over a week ago

A client has an opportunity to sign a Work Order remotely by email or using Customer Portal Application if the technician (App User) has requested a client signature from his device. While monitoring Work Orders in the Customer Portal App, a client will be able to see status “Signature requested”.

Click on the Work Order. Pop Up with Work Order quick view will appear. You will see Sign button on the very top. By clicking the “Sign” button, client will be redirected to the Work Order where he will be able to see the Work Order number and view a report before signing a Work Order. All the client needs is to fill his information, rate the work and leave his signature.

When all required information is entered, click “Sign”. The success message appears. After this action, the status in the Web App as well as Mobile App changes to “Completed”. Client can view or download a signed Work Order report.

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