Mobile App in offline mode

This article highlights the offline mode capabilities and synchronization process in Frontu Mobile App.

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Offline Mode Functionality

When working in offline mode, Frontu enables users to continue their work seamlessly without internet connectivity. All functions and features of the application remain fully accessible, ensuring uninterrupted productivity.

Data Synchronization Process:

  • Saving Information Locally: When performing any action in offline mode, such as creating, editing, or updating work orders, all information is securely saved to the internal memory of the mobile device. This ensures that no data is lost during the offline session.

  • Automatic Synchronization: Once the mobile device reconnects to the internet, Frontu automatically initiates the synchronization process. The saved information is seamlessly synchronized with the main server, ensuring that all data is up-to-date and accessible online.

  • Efficient Recovery of Backend Information: In situations where information needs to be retrieved from the backend environment and sent to the mobile device, a similar process occurs. The data can be submitted from the backend, but it will only reach the user's mobile device when it enters a connection zone.

  • Continuous Functionality in Offline Mode: Frontu ensures that all its functions and features are available even when operating without an internet connection. Users can continue their work, create and update work orders, access relevant data, and utilize the application's comprehensive capabilities.

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