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Managing Contact Persons
Managing Contact Persons

Create, edit Contact Person and assign to Customers and Objects

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All the contact persons, who are responsible for different objects and, when necessary, can evaluate completed work orders by their signature are saved in the Contact Persons List under Customers.

If you wish to create new Contact Person, you need to click the green New Contact Person button right under the filter, or alternatively click Create New → Contact Person, which is always available in the top left corner.

When you right-click a given Contact Person entry on the list, the context menu opens with the following options:

  • Create User

  • Quick View (will open if you double click Contact Person entry)

  • Detailed View

  • Edit

  • Archive

In a Detailed View you get an extra tab "Objects", where you can view objects assigned to the Contact Person. If you wish to edit an object assigned to a Contact Person, you can do it in the Object list.

What is more, you can add a contact person directly to the work order. When a customer is selected, you can see customer's contact persons.

Select from a dropdown list and the person will be visible in the work order as well as application's Info tab and Signature screen. We will make sure a technician notice it because we show it on the top of the list and in bold style.

Do not forget to add this field to work creation form.

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