Managing Objects

Create new object, edit, generate QR/NFC code for starting and ending Work Order

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All the company objects are saved in the Object List. An object may be, e.g. a specific place in your building (stockroom, reception office, etc.) or a branch(-es) at different addresses (e.g. London shop, Birmingham shop, etc.).

To save a new object, you need to click the green New Object button right under the Filter, or alternatively click Create New → Object which is always available in the top left corner.

When you right-click a given object entry in the list a context menu opens up with the following options:

  • Quick view (will also open if you double click Contact Person entry)

  • Detailed view

  • Edit

  • Archive

  • Copy

To identify objects they may be assigned NFC/QR codes. You can view or generate the codes with the following buttons at the top:

  • Start of Work Order NFC/QR code

  • End of Work Order NFC/QR code

NFC/QR code is convenient in situations when the object does not have or cannot have an assigned Contact Person, so when an technician arrives at the site to complete the work order, they will have to scan the Work Order start NFC/QR code first. Only then a Start button appears in Frontu Mobile App.

After the Work Order has been completed the app will ask for the Work Order end NFC/QR Code rather than for the customer's evaluation and signature.

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