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Creating Client Request
Creating Client Request

Create Client Request, scan Object or Equipment, attache files

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The most convenient way to register a Client Request is to use Customer Portal Application.

You can download it from Google Play or App Store.

When your application is open you can see a Client Request creation window. Title is a required field, all the other information is marked as optional.

You will be able to see the drop down lists for object and equipment where you can select the needed entry. If you select the equipment, object fills in automatically. You will see equipment title together with its model, serial number and location.

Keep in mind that you will also see a Customer field if there are more than one client that is assigned to you.

Note: Object is selected automatically in the Client Request creation form if a customer has only one object.

Fill all the needed information and click green button at the end of the form “Save”.

You will see a success message when the request is saved. Administrator could see the request in a Web App and will be able to register a Work Order from it with the information that was already filled by you.

From v. 0.5.1 there is a “Scan equipment code” button. From now on you can scan equipment serial number or equipment QR code! Just click on it, scan the code and equipment together with the object fill in automatically.

Office field is also added to Request form. Customer can select the office or leave it blank.

From the web version 5.5.0 two equipment fields are eligible for scanning: equipment serial number and equipment code so make sure equipment has the one you are going to scan.

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