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Request additional info from Client

Learn how to request additional information from the customer to client request.

Updated over a week ago

We know that some times information related to client requests changes or needs to be supplemented. In these cases quick and easy process is required. There were never so easy to communicate via client requests by adding additional files and pictures!

Now when the customer creates a client request, he can access it anytime and add the missing details. The system administrator will be able to see remote update link as well as QR code. He can always share it with a customer and ask for more information.

What is more, the client request tab “Files” will let you to preview added pictures or documents. You can click on picture to zoom it in. If you would like to delete the file, click red x icon and file will be removed from the client request.

Before sending the link to a customer, make sure you add a text in the settings. Write down the text that will help a customer to understand what kind of details do you need, e.g. “please add the picture of broken parts” or “please identify where exactly a malfunction was detected”. When text is added, click “Save” button.

Customer can open the link using computer or mobile device. He will be able to see request’s object, description and the text you have provided in the settings. Click “Choose file”, select the files from the computer and click “Save”. The client request will be updated immediately.

When using a mobile device, you can scan provided QR code. When code is scanned, click “Copy text” button below and then paste into Google search.

The window for client request will be opened. Files section will let to attach missing images directly from the camera or files gallery.

When all needed images are selected, save the client request. Administrator will be able to see newly added pictures and to create a work order for a technician.

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