Reopen Work Order

How you can reopen the work order, change it after it was completed and regenerate the act to show updated information.

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Have you ever had an issue when a technician made a mistake while executing the work order? Maybe he selected the incorrect units of the material or wrong duration of the job and completed the work order? Are you worried that incorrect information is displayed in the PDF act? Now we have a solution for this kind of human errors.

You can reopen the work order, change its information (regarding jobs, materials and remarks), regenerate the act and complete the work order again! All the changes will be visible in the PDF act. How cool is that?

Work order reopening workflow

When the work order is completed, you can right click on it and select “Reopen”.

Pop up notification will appear to make sure if you really want to do this action. Click “Submit” button.

There is an option to add a comment for reopening. You can turn on the possibility to comment by going to settings > system settings > enable comment on the reopen action.

If it marked, you will see a pop up for comment when reopening. Enter the text and click “Save”. The field is not required so can be left blank.

When the reopening reason is added, it is also visible in the work orders list, under the “Reopened” status.

Actions to do after the work act was reopened

After work order was reopened and changes were made by administrator in the web app to client signature will be purged. To send updated work act to client administrator should choose pencil icon next to work order status and fill in required client information to request signature.

When opened work order status by administrator will be changed manually to "Completed" client will not receive work act automatically.

The application user will not receive notification about these actions and in mobile app the work order status will remain “Completed”.

How to perform changes to the work order

That means that you could go to detailed view and make all the changes as you will be able to see “Add job”, “Add material”, “Add remark” buttons in their tabs. Also you can click on already existing job, material or remark and edit or archive it. Archived entry will be marked in orange and will not be visible in the PDF act anymore.

“Add” buttons will only appear if the assigned user is an app user. If a work order is assigned to an administrator, “add” buttons will not be visible.

When work order is reopened, you can also add jobs to a helper. Employee field will let you to select a helper from a dropdown list.

Also, you can click on work order's "Edit" action and change the information here too. You can change information such as customer, object, work order ended time etc.

Have in mind, that work order end time can not be prior to the work order start time.

Regenerate act

Now when you updated all the information you needed, you can change work order status to completed (the act will be regenerated automatically) or go back to the work orders list and right click on the work order again. You will see an option “Regenerate act”. Click on it if you would like to update PDF act of this work order.

Pop up notification will appear and will let you to download the previous act before its regeneration. When you click “Regenerate” button, act will be updated and downloaded to your computer.

Do not forget to download the old/previous PDF act with customer’s signature before the regeneration if it is necessary for you.

Missing customer signature

You will notice that there is no customer signature in this newly created PDF act, it was removed. Only employee’s signature is visible. It is because you have changed some information in the work order that the customer might be not aware of. It is your responsibility to inform your customer about the changes made in the act.

When work order is reopened and you finished all the changes that were needed, administrator can sign the work order or send the link for customer to sign it again. Pencil icon is visible and active, click on it if you want work order to be signed.

You will see the signature window. Fill all the required fields, leave the signature and click “Sign”. You will see a success message. Work order will be signed and its status automatically changed to “Completed”.

If you want to send the form for customer to fill and sign, just copy the link you see when signature window is open. Customer can click on the link, fill information and leave a signature. The work order will be completed then.

You will be able to see who has reopened a work order. The information is displayed in action history: date, action and the person who made changes or the data that was changed when updating the work order.

Reopen a work order to assigned user

However what if you need a technician to make some corrections to the already completed work order? we have a solution for that too! Administrator can easily reopen a work order and return it to an application user. Just right click on the completed work order and select “Reopen for app user”.

Work order can also be reopened for app user from the detailed view. The button “Reopen for work order user” will be active for any completed work order.

When you click on “Reopen for app user” option, the pop up window for comment is open. Field is not required but you can always enter the comment why the work order is reopened. Click “Save”.

The reopened work order’s comment will be clearly visible for the application user in red font. We will make sure he will know the reason of the reopening. The status will be changed to “Stopped” and app user will be able to start a work order again and fill in the missing information.

Notice that customer information such as name/surname, email, signature is removed from the work order if it was reopened for app user.

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