Email report settings

Manage PDF reports receivers, sending rules and add additional receivers such as different departments or other related parties.

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Activity report

To manage these settings you would need to click Settings -> Email report settings.

Frontu activity report - this is a summary of the activity report for the selected period: weekly or monthly - with visual information:

  • "Send to staff" - reports are sent to employee emails, that was entered at the time of their registration;

  • "Send to managers" - reports are sent to managers whose emails are listed in the "Managers emails" field;

  • "Frequency to send staff/managers reports" - select how often you want to get reports.

Send completed work order report

Each completed work order report is sent:

  • "Send reports" - enables functionality, but whoever receives completed work orders reports must be specified in the fields below;

  • "Send reports to contact person" - the report received by the only person whose data is filled in "Client information" field at the end of the work order;

  • "Send email reports to additional customer’s email” - work order customer receives report to the email, that is entered in his client card as additional receivers;

  • “Send work order reports on this status” - select to send PDF act when work order is completed or approved (approval is only available from web user/administrator).

  • "List of additional recipients" - additional email list to receive ALL completed work order reports.

Additional work order report recipients by work order type

You may add additional reports receiver address(-ess) separately for selected work order types.

Note: If you have more than 30 work order types, you will see more than 1 page, so to review all work order types you should go to different pages.

Additional messages

  • "Inform Client request creator with email" - when "YES" selected, request owner will receive email confirmation (customer, employee or web user). Client request creator will be informed by email about successful request creation, work order creation from his request and work order status changes.

  • "Add recipients for new client request e-mail message" - fill when you need to inform more people about new registered client requests.

  • "Inform Partners with email" - when "YES" selected, work order helper will receive email with work order information. The user will be informed by email when a work order with him as a helper created.

  • “Opportunity to send email to the project manager” if you select “Yes”, the project manager receives an e-mail when a new client request in his object has been created. When work order is completed the project manager gets an email with PDF act too.

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