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Microsoft Power BI Desktop app Column1 issue
Microsoft Power BI Desktop app Column1 issue
Updated over a week ago

if you have successfully connected your Power BI Desktop app and followed all the steps in this article, but you are getting Column1 error, this section is relevant for you.

The Column1 error typically shows when there is no data available for the entities you are trying to access. Power BI gives you a warning about this.

Let's take a closer look what the Column1 error looks like:

If you get a similar error with different entities, don't worry. Simply follow the steps in the article and replicate the process with the other entities.

  1. On the Power BI Desktop app click on Fields menu bar - click three dots and click "Edit query"

  2. Then find entities that have these errors (and have error exclamation point) in the edit query window. Click the right button and then click delete and Apply/Save

  3. After that, all data should be synchronized correctly.

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