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What is new in Frontu. Improvements, new features and add-ons history.

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Release 05-06-2024

  1. New languages added: Croatian, French, Azerbaijani, Swedish, Georgian, Italian

Release 14-05-2024

  1. Arrange work orders tabs in application by configuration

  2. Files configuration added to work order type

  3. Cookies approval popup in login screen

  4. Internal feature: possibility to cancel import

  5. Possibility to choose objects for client role user

  6. Bug fixes

Release 11-04-2024

Release 05-03-2024

Release 31-01-2024

Release 29-01-2024

  1. Optimization for work orders & events: allows to load 200 events instead of 100

  2. Standard job date appeared in the work order's jobs tab.

Release 24-01-2024


Release 01-12-2023

  1. Account Health Status

  2. Credit status filter in the work orders and periodic work orders list

  3. Work order's number added to the materials export

  4. Bold questionnaire remarks when answer is entered by app user

  5. Status "Approved" added for report by work orders

  6. Bug fixes

Release 16-11-2023

Release 24-10-2023

  1. Added new languages: Hungarian, Czech, Slovenian

  2. Bug fixes

Release 13-10-2023

Release 15-09-2023

  1. Personal filters improvement

  2. Copy the route during work order's duplication action when the checkbox is marked

Release 05-09-2023

Release 19-07-2023

  1. Possibility to filter by remarks in objects list

  2. Fleet complete integration: expected arrival time now is showed by current user coordinates (last update of coordinates is less than hour ago)

Release 28-06-2023

  1. Team work feature: PDF act jobs section shows all employees including helpers

  2. Status “Completed with warning” will appear if agreement question is answered with “no”

  3. Work order action history will include customer remark and agreement question answer

Release 08-06-2023

  1. Warehouse add-on improvement: update button in object’s detailed view

  2. Related work order add-on improvement: work order end time in parent work order PDF is set from the latest completed related work order

  3. Cash collections add-on

  4. Removed API sandbox setting

Release 13-05-2023

Release 25-04-2023

Release 31-03-2023

Release 13-03-2023

Release 08-03-2023

Release 09-02-2023

  1. Updated work order creation window with client/object preview buttons

Release 03-02-2023

  1. Option to limit objects for customer role user (feature switch)

  2. Download work order PDF template action (feature switch)

  3. Translations update

Release 11-01-2023

  1. Custom fields added to total report

  2. Allow to change work order status by administrator even if work order is assigned to app user

  3. Bug fixes

Release 03-01-2023


Release 12-12-2022

Release 06-12-2022

  1. Assign to work order option for equipment, searchable by work order title and number

  2. Possibility to add jobs for multiple equipment at once

  3. Equipment actions assigned to standard jobs

Release 28-11-2022

  1. Possibility to mark if custom field is required in administrator platform/application/both

  2. Updated translations

  3. Mixpanel update for new events: approve status, cancel status, local signature created, work order summary email sent, questionnaires answers exported, work order request created from customer portal

  4. Client role users were removed from a calendar of resources

Release 27-10-2022

  1. Framework update: more secure and faster code.

Release 06-10-2022

Release 23-09-2022

Release 13-09-2022

  1. Approved status implementation

  2. Possibility to choose on what status (completed or approved) to send a work order report

Release 18-08-2022

  1. SMS/email notification for work order client or object responsible person when work order is created

  2. Email notification for work order creator when work order is finished

  3. Equipment code filter in equipment list view

  4. PDF act is hidden for customer role users until work order is not completed

Release 04-08-2022

Release 08-07-2022

  1. Possibility to create a work order using template from Client API

  2. Enabled tours in the calendar, events, work order, work order type, settings

  3. Extended app API to send & receive “payer” field in the work order

  4. Bug fixes

Release 22-06-2022

  1. Information about MEDIAN planned time in the work order type table

  2. Information about FTFR in the work order type table

  3. Information about possible savings in the work order type table

  4. Romanian translations

  5. Translation for WYSIWYG editor

  6. Bug fixes

Release 01-06-2022

  1. Two office filters in the work order list and calendar are provided: user office and work order office

  2. Possibility to set Payer for work order ( will be displayed in the act of acceptance)

  3. Quick completion setting in the work order type

  4. Bug fixes

Release 09-05-2022

  1. Frontu referral link at the bottom of PDF act

  2. VAT code field added to the company details and act of acceptance

  3. Work order template field is now searchable and results in select has a caption with more of template’s information: work order type, client, object, user

  4. Total route duration is added to act of acceptance

  5. Possibility to log in to the same user with several browsers

Release 02-05-2022

Release 27-04-2022

  1. Option to update rates and VAT of all related template jobs or materials, when parent standard job or material is updated

  2. Third party calendar integration improvement: extension for helpers

  3. Improvements for projects add-on

Release 04-04-2022

  1. Hided ‘Overdue’ label for customer role users

  2. Moved Frontu/custom client logo from the top to the bottom in remote signature email

Release 15-03-2022

Release 01-03-2022

Release 10-02-2022

  1. Show Intercom live chat on login screen & error pages

  2. Rebranding: changed email from taskertools to frontu

  3. Bug fixes

Release 02-02-2022

  1. Calendar changes & JavaScript libraries update

  2. Events: separate tab in the calendar and possibility to set an event for individual user

  3. Internal feature: minimal license count setting

  4. Removed new work order/customer/object/equipment form configuration from settings to modal window

Release 13-01-2022

  1. Custom fields as separate columns selected in “Arrange” button

  2. Equipment tab in work order detailed view

  3. Equipment serial number added in jobs and materials detailed view tabs.

  4. Equipment model as required field for equipment

  5. Possibility to reset invoice status

Release 03-01-2022


V. 6.2.0 web environment (28/12/2021)

V. 6.1.0 web environment (16/12/2021)

V. 6.0.0 web environment (01/12/2021)

  1. Framework update: more secure and faster code.

V. 5.6.3 web environment (21/10/2021)

  1. Internal functionality: feature switch for skills, periodic work order, equipment, questionnaires, custom fields, satisfactory ratings, custom branding, customer portal, remote signature

  2. Bug fixes

V. 5.6.0 web environment (09/09/2021)

  1. Setting to choose how VAT is calculated in PDF act

  2. Internal functionality: FleetComplete API key

  3. FleetComplete: possibility to check user’s location when re-assigning the work order

  4. Reassign user via work order edit

  5. New filter in work order list: user work order time

  6. Extended object title from 100 to 255 symbols

  7. Extended email title from 50 to 255 symbols

V. 5.5.0 web environment (18/06/2021)

V. 5.4.1 web environment (28/05/2021)

V. 5.4.0 web environment (19/05/2021)

  1. Internal functionality: feature switch

V. 5.1.8 web environment (04/05/2021)

  1. More variables added to act of acceptance email

  2. Possibility to cancel work order of any statuses except completed and completed with remarks

  3. Show past due time next to status

V. 5.1.7 web environment (21/04/2021)

  1. Display technician name in the PDF act for each job

  2. “Job by employee” in total report

V. 5.1.0 web environment (03/03/2021)

  1. Tab names matching different Tasker windows

  2. Object type: object or warehouse

  3. New client/object window in “General settings”

  4. Option to enter number values for first and last names in Contact person creation card

  5. Display work order type name when editing it

V. 4.13.0 web environment (12/02/2021)

  1. Supplier/Customer headers in PDF act


V. 4.11.0 web environment (23/12/2020)

V. 4.10.1 web environment (10/11/2020)

  1. Work order status report

V. 4.7.0 web environment (10/09/2020)

  1. Reopened work order status

  2. Calendar in pop up window when creating a work order

  3. Additional field "Default duration of standard job" in "Total report"

  4. Bug fixes

V 4.6.1 web environment (02/06/2020)

  1. Increased uploaded file limit to 100 MB in the work order.

  2. Calendar improvement of "Today" view.

  3. Bug fixes.

V 4.6.0 web environment (20/05/2020)

  1. Calendar changes

  2. Stop reasons location changed to work order window

V 4.5.0 web environment (21/04/2020)

  1. Tags feature for Customers, Objects, Work order.

  2. "Require description" checkbox when creating/editing materials.

  3. Additional filter by work order stopped reason in work order list.

  4. Changes in import: show import progress and expanded selection for items per page.

  5. Added option in settings to create your own text for remote signature email.

  6. Bug fixes.

V 4.4.0 web environment (20/03/2020)

V 4.3.8 web environment (12/03/2020)

  1. Ability to manage client credit statuses.

  2. Ability to enter an invoice number when changing invoice status.

  3. Setting to hide/show remarks visibility option for all customers.

  4. Option to hide/show filters in work order list.

  5. Additional filter to search work order with selected standard jobs.

  6. Bug fixes.

V 4.3.6 web environment (28/02/2020)

  1. Saving filters visibility show/hide state;

  2. Ability to generate API key in web environment;

  3. HTML act creation and information saving when a work order is completed based on the database information of that day;

  4. Additional field “Internal system ID”;

  5. Additional fields "Sum" and "In progress + travelling actual" in the report by days;

  6. Ability to add a phone number for new user;

  7. Bulk PDF download option: all selected work order' PDFs generation in 1 zip file with right click option;

  8. Setting for default price per distance unit;

  9. Option to switch between map and satellite view to mark required object location in object creation window;

  10. A setting that allows you to choose whether to show archived data in filters;

  11. Bug fixes

V 4.3.5 web environment (30/01/2020) for security industry


V 4.3.0 web environment (06/12/2019)

  1. Ability to add multiple customers to a customer role user;

  2. Ability to add jobs, materials and remarks directly from new work order creation window;

  3. Reports formation changes;

  4. Vendor’s module updates;

  5. Additional filter “Created by” in work order requests;

  6. Additional column “Work order end time” when exporting the work order;

  7. Additional column “Work order start time” in the total report;

  8. Bug fixes.

V 4.2.0 web environment (10/05/2019)

  1. Settings:

    1. Do not show the customer code in "Act of acceptance-transfer";

    2. Job description requirement in the app;

  2. Work order templates and their usage;

  3. Ability to save a work order as a draft;

  4. Additional identifiers for each work order;

  5. Fast object creation from the customer window;

  6. Additional message in the work order window when the assigned user has not yet downloaded or logged in the app;

  7. Ability to send "Act of acceptance-transfer" to additional recipients of the customer;

  8. Bug fixes


V 4.1.0 web environment (25/11/2018)

  1. Tasker from now is in Spanish too;

  2. Ability to open work order information from a list of Used materials;

  3. Ability to approve work order template in a common work order list one by one and apply bulk command;

  4. Limited work order presentation on a calendar (up to 500 entries without filter);

  5. Ability to manage responsible persons in the customer's detailed view window;

  6. Object field fills automatically when selected client entry has the only object assigned in new work order or request creation window;

  7. Additional note to web user when free Tasker version ends;

  8. Unlimited data export into multiple excel files with up to 1000 rows in each;

  9. E-mail message to the indicated recipients when new work order request created;

  10. An additional warning for web users when selected employee already has assigned work order to the scheduled start time in the work order creation or editing window;

  11. Possibility to duplicate an object entry;

  12. Work order message with no coordinates for the objects is displayed additionally when a Work order Scheduling is On (Calendar page);

  13. Additional change info is shown when scheduling work order in a calendar;

  14. Same time format in Tasker reports page and exported data;

  15. Optimized questionnaire storage in web;

  16. Bug fixes.

V 4.0.0 web environment (26/04/2018)

  1. Updated TASKER header design;

  2. Different customer types: business or personal;

  3. Customer filter in used materials page;

  4. Increased password strength;

  5. Quick date selection: Yesterday, Last week, Last month;

  6. One login is valid for only one user;

  7. Custom completed work order report title by work order type;

  8. Reports:

    • general page;

    • new report "Working time report by days";

    • general data calculation at the bottom of the table "Total" / "Average";

    • work order management with Drag and Drop function;

    • work order request planning;

    • route planning;

  9. Work order:

    • customer/object/materials unique fields check;

    • custom work order stoping reasons;

    • weekly or monthly TASKER activity report for company employees and their managers;

    • e-mail notification settings in one place;

    • custom new work order window layout;

    • option to show unassigned work order filter in TASKER app;

    • the right of the employee to indicate another user to the job;

    • personal browser notifications about new work order request or work order, its completion; when reassigned, stopped or overdue;

    • web language setting from user profile and when creating new web user;

  10. Bug fixes.


V 3.5.0 web environment (10/11/2017)

  1. Column with work order end date added to the total report;

  2. Actual work order start time in the work order list;

  3. Bug fixes.

V 3.4.0 web environment (21/09/2017)

    • requirement assignment evaluation (smileys) / client name / customer email. mail;

    • separate (non-) acceptance text;

    • different color selection to display it in the app work order list;

  1. Web User will be informed about (per-) assigned work order;

  2. When creating a new object will allow you to refine location coordinates on the map;

  3. When archiving an object / client, it will be checked whether they have active standard and periodic work order, work order requests;

  4. Ability to add stand. jobs / materials to the stopped or inactive work order;

  5. Ability to edit periodic work order: title, start time, client / object, employee;

  6. Ability to filter responsible persons list by object;

  7. Unable to archive an office if it has assigned users;

    • additionally shows for whom the acts were sent;

  8. When creating the work order, the travel time from the employee office / nearest work order to the new work order object is calculated;

  9. Additional settings:

    • permission for the employee to perform several work orders simultaneously;

    • choose how many days an employee will see his completed work order in the app;

    • when the work order is considered to be overdue;

    • will the employee be asked for confirmation of the work order;

    • choose which responsible persons the employee will see with the work order;

  10. Calendar update automatically every 2 minutes;

  11. If the work order is started / completed, the calendar will show real start / end times, if not started - then scheduled start / end time;

    • according to the work order creator;

    • billing status;

    • by office;

  12. New "Form" name - "Questionnaires" and an additional filter: published / unpublished;

  13. The archived questionnaire will have the inscription "(archived)" at the title;

  14. The Permission Group has added a new right - "Create Message";

  15. Updated display of user list data;

  16. A separate icon notifies about:

    • new messages;

    • received invoices;

  17. PDF / HTML additional Layout Settings: Material Description Display (On/Off);

  18. PDF / HTML report shows HTML work order / material / job description text, e.g. bold or italic.

  19. Bug fixes.

V 3.3.8 web environment (01/02/2017)

  1. Option of checking GCM message sending functionality;

  2. Bug fixes.

V 3.3.7 web environment (10/01/2017)

  1. Work order History section displays an additional entry if a template was created previously;

  2. Template Update:

    • when adding template works / materials are allowed to adjust their cost (employee will not be able to change it in the application);

    • an option to add a standard work description.

  3. Change of work order start time is more flexible;

  4. Work order status filter was supplemented with label "Overdue";

  5. Archived records are displayed in the same colour as the archive when filter suggestions show up;

  6. When you move mouse arrow over the label "Invoice not issued", additional information message pops up (with all work order statuses except "Completed");

  7. Unassigned work order are visible in the calendar, regardless the selected employee or branch filter;

  8. Periodic work order and other bug fixes.


V 3.3.5 web environment (09/10/2016)

  1. The button "Summary Report" exports all filtered data, not only currently loaded data;

  2. When exporting work order it is possible to choose "Object address" and "Object city";

  3. After a message window is closed, its status is instantly refreshed without need to click "Refresh" the page;

  4. Bug fixes.

V 3.3.4 web environment (01/12/2016)

  1. Work order list: new "Work order end" filter;

  2. Periodic work order list: additional filter “User assigned” and the column “Object address”;

  3. Updated comment display in reports: picture, text or only text.

  4. Bug fixes.

V 3.3.3 web environment (21/11/2016)

  1. Improved calendar - horizontally scrolled schedule with fixed employees column;

  2. Custom fields for work order function moved to "Work order" menu button new tab;

  3. In work order detailed preview works and materials are displayed as template (Yes/No);

  4. Possible to create responsible persons in the "create object" window;

  5. Bug fixes.

V 3.3.2 online environment (08/11/2016)

  1. Uploaded photos quality improved up to 85%;

  2. Bug fixes.

V 3.3.0 web environment (31/10/2016)

  1. Work order priority settings;

  2. Assistants' work order display in the calendar;

  3. Client signature request setting next to work order type;

  4. Template work order creation;

  5. The total work order report download;

  6. Messaging;

  7. Option to assign more than one responsible person to the object;

  8. Work order report design updated;

  9. Work order planning design updated;

  10. Bug fixes.

V 3.2.41 web environment (14/07/2016)

  1. Report comments displayed as grouped with attached photos;

  2. Excess information removed from e-mails sent to clients;

  3. Possibility to set text display options in table cells;

  4. Possibility to filter work order visible in Calendar according to several status filters;

  5. Possibility to duplicate a periodic work order;

  6. Permission group display in preview window;

  7. Possibility to set PDF template or Acceptance certificate to display client agreement/disagreement text;

  8. Short work order information displayed in the calendar, when hover on a selected work order;

  9. Bug fixes.

V 3.2.40 web environment (29/06/2016)

  1. Option:

    • to attach a file to the client's object;

    • to write a work order assignment notification and review it next to work order history entries;

  2. Bug fixes.

V 3.2.38 web environment (12/05/2016)

  1. Option:

    • to choose the time and price format in the report list;

    • to register work order request with attached photos / files;

    • to filter the list of work order according to all users (except those having client or assistant roles);

  2. All fixed times are shown in the work order history since the creation of the request;

  3. Bug Fixes.

V 3.2.37 web environment (06/04/2016)

  1. in the work order planning map the objects are displayed for 30 days in advance instead of 24 hours;

  2. Next to generated QR code it is displayed a start/end code;

  3. In questionnaire form it is allowed that en employee can type in their own answer;

  4. In settings page a new option to inform assistants about a new work order by e-mail;

  5. Possibility to highlight several entries and apply right-click action;

  6. Bug fixes.

V 3.2.36 web environment (26/02/2016)

  1. "Beta" name removed in About;

  2. Top 5 employee list display updated;

  3. Fixed time display in common report with work order type;

  4. New columns added in the user list: device model and Android version;

  5. PDF report generation action inserted in Tasker client API;

  6. Fixed error during import when material price shows 0;

  7. Fixed error in work order's preview did not display “Reaction since work order creation until completion” value;

  8. Fixed Tasker Work order repository method;

  9. Fixed error when reassigning a work order, an employee is deleted, work order will not remove from employee's app;

  10. Fixed Tasker FilterService bind method;

  11. Fixed error when wrong data sorting was displayed;

  12. Fixed error when creating new work order type in work order edit window a notification on successful creation window would not close;

  13. Fixed first data API returning data, when materials are returned but works and other work order data would not return such as those not having work order returned through first data;

  14. In new user message included app download url link;

  15. In work reports display according to stand. works and employees, employees and stand. works, employee and work order type, work order type and employee, removed client and object display;

  16. Available app download through address;

  17. Improved protection not to let change all users role to "Employee", at least one user must be “Administrator”;

  18. Fixed error when settings will not create required entries in reports;

  19. Fixed error when changing user's e-mail address, their username would not change;

  20. Fixed common report wrong data with work order type;

  21. Fixed object import error;

  22. Updated notification text when created form assigned to work order type with questionnaire tab not set;

  23. Instruction text added next to imported entries in 4 step of import action;

  24. Next to import options tooltip instruction text expanded with a photo;

  25. Fixed error when wrong time in common report with work order type was displayed;

  26. Fixed error when editing a work order in progress or completed work order, unrequired fields were marked as required;

  27. Fixed integrated button bugs;

  28. Fixed wrong periodic work order start time display;

  29. Diagnosed that when chosen to suspend "Unsigned" work order a suspend window is displayed, where the user may choose to suspend or finish the work order;

  30. Map updated, when clicked on the employee or object directly transferred to work order creation, where applicable field in completed.

V 3.2.35 web environment (19/01/2016)

  1. Possible to choose to display an employee or work order name in the calendar;

  2. Fixed client information transfer, when a work order is created from work order request window.

  3. Enabled user e-mail update in edit window and removal of old e-mail form database.

  4. Report menu during filtering displays employee role.

  5. In work order duplication a new option introduced "Start/Finish with QR code".

  6. Improved filtering in report menu.

  7. Fixed work order time execution interval in reports.

  8. Changes in data import logic.

  9. Help menu self-adjustable display design in all browsers.

  10. In PDF reports added page number and work act name.

  11. Fixed work order list filtering by status.

  12. Other minor fixes.


V 3.2.34 web environment (18/12/2015)

  1. Fixed telephone number field to enable only numbers and plus symbols

  2. In Tasker user edit window when selected "Generate password" a notification pops up saying that the user will be logged of on data change.

  3. A new work order creation with one button click enabled in the calendar.

  4. The calendar filter expanded with "Role" category.

  5. Removed inverted commas in name fields.

  6. Report module.

  7. Route information table in PDF/HTML reports.

  8. When creating a new entry the first field is activated.

  9. Clients' logos are displayed in e-mail together with report.

  10. Fixed periodic work order error, where on selecting monthly repeat on the work order would not be created.

  11. If the company has got up to 3 employees, there is no notification than more users license require fee.

  12. Fixed work order status sending error with wrong layout.

  13. When error message is sent there is confirmation message.

  14. Fixed error In Tasker web environment when using tablet and date was selected the keyboard would be displayed.

  15. Added work order start and end with QR codes in work order create or work order type windows.

  16. Other minor fixes.

V 3.2.33 web environment (12/11/2015)

  1. Added when a comment contains a photograph, which is visible by the client, it should be sent to the client together with the report.

  2. The lists display the number of uploaded entries.

  3. In Used Materials section you can find a button to mark outstanding invoices.

  4. Configuration of PDF reports in web environment.

  5. Option for creating a new work order in the calendar.

  6. Username removed, now only e-mail for log in. Old users can log in using both e-mail address and username, new users – only e-mail address.

  7. Option to export responsible persons.

  8. Expected completion time of the work order is added.

  9. Displaying which user re-assigned the work order in the work order information section.

  10. In the object options and search, the object address and city are displayed in small letters.

  11. New method for ordering user licenses. More licenses when creating a new user, which will be paid for as “number of licenses used” in the previous month.

  12. Periodic work order display what work order were created according to that periodic work order.

V 3.2.32 online environment (26/10/2015)

  1. Improved data transfer to the mobile device.

  2. Correction of form logic.

  3. Correction of import errors.

  4. Field export according to selected image.

  5. Planner is added to the calendar.

  6. Indication of the work order route price.

  7. Tasker adapted for use in different countries.

  8. Changes in the menu items: three sections on the question mark button; company information renamed as details, system settings menu item added.

  9. Error registration via e-mail form.

  10. Calendar now has an option for filtering by branches.

  11. "Received" is added to the work order status filter.

  12. Displaying editing time.

  13. Option to assign an employee in the periodic work order.

  14. Correction of coordinates display.

  15. Possibility to archive a user, if user’s work order are archived.

  16. Mandatory fields of the branch are changed: only name and address with the coordinates.

  17. Possibility to send work order to the mobile application, if their status has been unsigned/unsynchronized for more than 10 days.

  18. Display of standard materials according to measurement units is corrected.

  19. Other minor corrections.

V 3.2.31 online environment (09/09/2015)

  1. First login information and additional explanatory texts.

  2. Work order calendar.

  3. Optional questions in the form not to be marked.*

  4. Renewed filtering logic.

  5. Removed paging in report display, entries are displayed as one list.

  6. Client’s detailed preview. Responsible Persons section now has a "New Persons" button. If you choose to create using this button, the client will already be selected.

  7. Displaying includes icons indicating whether there are any files added to the work order.

  8. Map zoom in/zoom out using mouse scroll wheel.

  9. Prohibition for the user to change role to administrator.

  10. Object display and export now includes telephone number and e-mail of the responsible person.

  11. Review displays only the work order history statuses.

  12. Changed colors of forms, archived entries and work order with comments.

  13. After saving the entries, active buttons are removed in the pop-up edit message window.

  14. Acceptance conditions are added to PDF report, if they do not exit – it will not be displayed.

  15. System settings now have an easily added text, which can be sent to the client together with the work order report.

V 3.2.30 online environment (20/08/2015)

  1. Modified arrangement of depicted column selection.

  2. Filtering by object and client’s city added in the list of work order and work order requests.

  3. Prohibition added for offline users to view comment photographs.

  4. Permission added for users to view location of employees with preview authorization.

  5. Assistant selection menu displays the role of the user.

  6. Displaying the object’s apartment number in the report.

  7. No completed work order will be sent to the mobile application during first login until all other data are synchronized.

  8. Corrected archiving. Archiving button is removed from archived entries.

  9. Column depiction preserved, columns can be added to/deleted from the lists.

  10. Converting used materials to standard.

  11. Improved option for sending report, where reports are sent to all contacts under “work order type”, even if e-mail is not entered in the work order description window.

  12. Changed form logic. Mandatory form must contain at least one mandatory question. Option form must have no mandatory questions.

V 3.2.29 online environment (05/08/2015)

  1. Object’s apartment number added.

  2. Disconnection from the application and notification sent to the employee, when someone else logs in using his/her data.

  3. Sending change/create password link with Send create password link.

  4. Duties of the responsible person added.

  5. One mobile application user created for a new company.

  6. Generation of QR code in the inspection places preview.

  7. Duplicated work order has a planned start time – date and time of duplication.

  8. Not allowed to publish forms without questions.

  9. Swapped places of list columns.

  10. In the online environment, comments visible and not visible to the client are displayed separately.

  11. Displaying work order duration in the preview and export file.

  12. Lists display all information of the pop-up notification, if the entire entry text does not fit.

  13. Review includes updated table with the last five edited work order.

  14. Object cannot be edited in the inspection place edit window.

  15. Displaying user locations on the map – if situated next to each other, shown as a single point.

  16. Invoice generation: additional column for issuing invoices. If the work order contains comments, they must first be confirmed.

  17. Other minor corrections.

V 3.2.27 online environment (22/07/2015)

  1. Corrected creation of periodic work order.

  2. New notification design.

  3. Unified work order performance and history time.

  4. Linked client and object filters.

  5. Left drop-down menu added.

  6. QR code generation under objects.

  7. Unassigned work order type during creation of a work order.

  8. Time rounding up in preview is changed – rounded up to minutes.

  9. Work order re-assignment in the online environment, when work order is suspended or received.

  10. HTML report preview without connecting to Tasker in the online environment.

  11. Option to create inspection places in object creation section.

  12. Other minor corrections.

V 3.2.25 online environment (09/07/2015)

  1. Rotation buttons for work order comment photographs added.

  2. Review menu section is added to the authorization groups.

  3. Confirmation button is added to column depiction option.

  4. Logos can be entered in company details section.

  5. E-mail message templates changed.

  6. Create form button is added to section Create new

  7. Users list displays time of the last login of the user.

V 3.2.24 online environment (17/06/2015)

  1. Download option of template import file corrected.

  2. Price import corrected.

V 3.2.23 online environment (17/06/2015)

  1. Improved time format in sent reports.

  2. Displaying number of licenses in the users list.

V 3.2 (18/05/2015)

  1. New online environment design.

  2. Assigning evaluations forms to the work order type.

  3. New explanation question mark buttons added in the online environment.

  4. New fields added to export in the online environment.

  5. Data import function in the online environment.

  6. Options function in the displayed field tables in the online environment.

  7. Employees (application users) added to partners.

  8. Determination of system locale.

  9. Russian language.

  10. Push notifications logic renewed.

  11. Work order requests.

  12. File preview before starting work order in the application.

  13. Improvements:

    • Improvement of incorrect work order time from the application.

    • Improvement of incorrect display of measurement units (used to always show one)

    • Improvement of save option of the evaluation form responses

    • Correction in adding comment photograph to the work order

    • Correction of synchronization of deleted evaluation forms

    • New form preview design

    • Correction option for turning off the add assistant app

    • Improved option for sending files to the work order

    • Correction of object creation in the application (used to turn off during object creation)

    • Correction of creation of responsible persons (creating was possible in the application, unable to send to the online environment)

    • Correction of place inspection (due to low battery)

V 3.1 (12/03/2015)

  1. Information export according to selected criteria;

  2. Generating and sending user password;

  3. Work order route planning and review;

  4. Work order information preview during execution of the work order;

  5. Unlimited number of routes added during work order execution;

  6. Selecting contact person in work order signing window;

  7. Creating of new materials in materials search;

  8. Time format according to the device language;

  9. Password reminder in the application;

  10. Calculation of the object and office coordinates according to address;

  11. HTML report preview without logging in to Tasker;

  12. Adding used materials to standard materials;

  13. Quick data synchronization;

  14. Grouping the received messages;

  15. Grouping comments into visible to client and not visible to client;

  16. More practical help window;

  17. Various visual modifications of application;

  18. Correction of minor errors;


V 3.0 (05/12/2014)

  1. Additional possibility to add file, assistant and description during work order execution;

  2. Possibility to select section in the application, which will be: displayed, mandatory or not displayed;

  3. QR code generation;

  4. Category form added;

  5. Object inspection places added;

  6. Report preview in the internet browser;

  7. More practical work order creation in the mobile application;

  8. Possibility to edit photograph in the application;

  9. Correction of minor errors;

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