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Our pre-made reports explained

Updated over a week ago

If standard Frontu reports still don't quite seal the deal, we have an option for the PowerBI setup to create any kind of reports you might need.

Check out those articles or drop us a message to the chat for more info:

You can check our premade reports, when you click the reports button on the left-side menu:

You can see 3 sections that divide reports into 3 different types of reports:

  • Work order status reports

  • Jobs reports

  • Overall reports

The most simple and informative report is "Work time report by days", but you can check through all reports to find the one that works the best for you.

  • If none of these reports work for you, you can create your own report from your main work order list ( order/list) by clicking "Export work orders" or "Total report":

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