Questionnaires are groups of questions that help to get additional information on the object or client and can be made mandatory to fill.

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Questionnaires in the list can be created, edited and then published by a web app user.

Only mobile app users can fill in the created questionnaires using the mobile app; administrators cannot fill them in using the web app.

Creating Questionnaires and Questions

If you want to create a new questionnaire form or checklist, click the "New questionnaire" button.

A new questionnaire is assigned to a work order type and is displayed in the questionnaire tab in the App. The App will not let an employee finish the work order if required questionnaire has not been filled out.

When you click the SAVE button you will be able to create questions with answer options.

In a new question window enter a name, select a type and enter answers. You may add more answers when you click the "Add answer" button.

Two answer types can be distinguished:

  • "Single option" - where an employee can tick just a single answer;

  • "Multiple option" - where an employee can tick multiple answers.

Each question may also have an "Entered answer" option where an employee answers the question in their own words.

You may view questionnaire questions in the questionnaire list when you right-click a given entry and click QUICK VIEW in the context menu.

Questionnaires export

You can easily export the questionnaires and their answers. It will help to collect the information on tasks. Right click on the selected questionnaire and select “Export questionnaire answers”. The exported data file will be found in the messages inbox.


  • Published questionnaires can no longer be edited, however, they may be duplicated, updated, and archived.

  • An employee is able to see published questionnaires only.

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