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In this article you can find frequently asked questions along with the answers about Frontu.

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How to log in to the Frontu App?

To log in to App, you need to receive login credentials. Your company administrator will send them to your email.


How to create an employee?

Go to Users -> User List -> Click "New User"

In the New User window, enter the required fields: name, surname, username, password, confirm password, email, role, permission group, client, department.

Click "Save."

For more information, you can refer to the user guide article: How to create a new user

How to order more licenses?

Simply add more users to your account and licenses will be automatically added to account.

For more information, you can refer to the user guide article on how to create new user: How to create a new user

Also information about billing policy: Fair Billing Policy

How does user location setting work in Frontu system?

User GPS location can be seen on the map based per device coordinates. The status is updated whenever the work order status changes. For more precise location data we recommend integrating your fleet management software with Frontu.

How many users can we have?

The number of licenses is unlimited but the minimum amount is 5.

What should I do if I don't want employees to see certain information?

"Permission groups" section in Users page is used to manage user access to data in the Web App. Create a permission group with the desired permissions and assign it to the user's profile.

If you would like to limit App user access to certain data you would need to go to "Settings" and then adjust "App User permissions" section accordingly.

How to create user roles and assign permissions?

In the web App, select "Users" from the menu and click on "New User." Fill in the details and select a role within the company; based on the role, you can choose their permissions.

How to assign departments to an employee?

You can assign a department to an employee in the user edit window, the field is called "Office".

Work orders

Can I add more than one employee to a work order?

A work order is intended for a single employee. However, they can have an unlimited number of assistants. You can add them in the "Helper" field in the Work Order creation/edit window.

What do the statuses of a work order mean?

Inactive - created in the web app but not started in the mobile app.

Received - the work order appeared in the mobile app.

Reassigned - the work order has been reassigned to another employee.

Accepted - the employee has confirmed the work order.

In progress - the work order has been started but not completed.

Stopped - put on hold due to the end of the workday, lack of materials or something else. Stopping reasons selection is defined by web Admin.

Unsigned - completed but can still be edited. Waiting for the client's signature.

Signed, not synchronized - the work order is completed and signed but data has not been sent.


  • Completed with note - the work order is completed, but the client is not satisfied and provided remarks; the work order is marked in green. Remarks are visible below the work order number.

  • Completed - the work order is finished.

Cancelled - the work order is cancelled and cannot be executed or viewed in the mobile app.

Overdue - can be combined with other statuses. Shown when the planned completion time is delayed.

Unassigned - the work order is not assigned to any employee.

Approved - once work order was completed web Admin or User additionally approved it after review.

Can I duplicate a work order?

You can duplicate a work order in the web app. In the list of work orders, select the desired work order and right-click on it. In the popup menu, select "Copy."

A work order duplication window will open, where you can edit all the fields. If you choose to "Save," the new work order will be saved.

Can I create a work order in the mobile App?

Yes, you can create a work order in the mobile app. In the main screen, select "New Work Order+" - the work order creation window will open. Fill in the desired information and choose "Save" or "Start Now."

Why don't I receive new work orders in the mobile app?

There could be several reasons why you don't receive work orders:

No internet connection or a very poor one. Make sure you have internet connectivity.

Incomplete synchronization. If the synchronization wheel is still spinning, wait until synchronization is completed.

Unassigned work order. It's possible that a work order created in the web app was not assigned to an employee or was assigned to the wrong person.

I can't find a specific work order in the work order list.

In the work order list, it's easy to find a specific work order by using filters. You can search by:

Work order number - if you know it or a fragment of it.

Work order title - if you know it or a fragment of it.

Employee - to whom the work order is assigned.

Client or location - if you know where the work should be performed.

Work order status - the current status of the work order.

How can I view unassigned work orders?

You can view unassigned work orders in the work order list by using the "Status" filter. In the filter, select "Unassigned" and apply the filter. The list will be filtered to show only unassigned work orders.

How can I cancel a work order?

You can cancel a work order in the web app. In the work order list, select the work order and right-click on it. In the popup menu, select "Cancel" - the work order will be canceled in the employee's mobile app.

How can I reassign a work order?

You can reassign a work order to another employee in the mobile app or web. In the work order list, select the work order, and click on it. In the popup window, select "Reassign Work Order," then choose the employee you want to reassign the work order to.

Can I delete a work order?

You can archive a work order in the web app. In the work order list, select the work order, and right-click on it. In the popup menu, select "Archive" - the work order will be moved to the archived work order list, from where you can restore it. If you don't see the "Archive" button, you cannot archive a work order with its current status.

Can I edit an assigned work order?

Yes, it is possible to add files, materials, remarks and jobs to the assigned work order as well as edit description, name, client, object details as well as priority and work order type. Just click "Edit" button and perform needed changes.

Can I assign a work order to multiple employees?

A work order can only be assigned to one responsible employee. However, they can have multiple assistants, which can be added in the work order creation window under "Helper" section.

Can I add additional information specific to a work order?

In the "Work Order Description" field of the work order creation window, you can enter all the necessary information or attach files related to that work order.

Can I receive new work orders without internet access?

You cannot receive work orders from the web app without internet access. However, you can create work orders in the mobile app, and once you have an internet connection, they will synchronize with the web app.

Can I execute a work order without internet access?

Yes, you can execute a work order without internet access. Once you are connected to interned data from App will synchronize to server then.

Can I send a work order report without internet access?

To send a work report to the client, you need to have internet access. Once the mobile app synchronizes with the web app, the report will be sent to the client.

Can I view work order reports in the web app?

You can view work order reports in Web and App. In the work order overview on web, right-click on wanted work order and select "View report" and the corresponding report will be opened in a browser tab.

Can I view work order reports in the Work Order mobile app?

You can download a work order report when the work order status is "Completed." Select the work order, tap and hold it, and in the popup menu, choose "Download Report."

Remarks and Questionnaires

Can I add a photo from my mobile device to the remarks?

Yes, when adding a remark, you can immediately take a photo or use from gallery.

Can I edit or archive questionnaires in the mobile app?

You can only edit and archive questionnaires in the web app.

Why can't I edit the questionnaires?

Questionnaires cannot be edited once they are published. If changes are needed

Clients and Objects

How can I create a client?

You can create a new client by selecting "+Create New" in the page Clients. Client creation window will open. Fill in the information and save it - a new client will be created and then you can assign objects to client.

Can I import clients and objects into Frontu?

Yes, you can. To import data, go to the top of the page, "Settings" then click "Data Import" on menu and you will see data import tool.

Can I enter GPS coordinates instead of an address for object?

In the web app and the mobile app, there are fields for latitude and longitude next to the address. By filling in these fields, the employee will see the exact location of the object on the map.

How can I get directions to the work order object?

In the mobile app, press three dots on the work order. In the popup menu, choose "Google Map Navigation." The Google Maps app will display the route from your current location to the object if the object has an address or GPS coordinates. It can also work on other navigation App if it is set as default on your device.

How can I assign a responsible person to an object?

You can assign a customer's responsible person to an object in the object edit window. This person is the clients' employee who signs the work order in the signing window.

Getting Started

How can I get Frontu mobile App?

You can download the Frontu mobile app from Google Play Store.

Will I lose information if I uninstall the mobile App?

All unsynchronized information will be lost. Therefore, before uninstalling the mobile App, make sure that all work orders are completed and synchronized.

Can I log in to the mobile app using web app credentials?

Only users with the "App User" role can log in to the mobile app.

When does data synchronization from the mobile app to the web app occur?

Synchronization occurs when:

- You log in to the mobile app

- You manually start synchronization

- The status of a work order changes

- Periodically, every hour

- You receive a notification from the system

User Profile

How can I change my password?

If you have forgotten your password, click "Forgot password" in the Frontu login screen.

In the password reminder window, enter the email address associated with your user account.

You will receive a password reset link to your email.

Click on the link, and in the password change window that opens, change your password.

You can now log in to the Frontu system.

How can I create or edit departments?

The list of departments is located in the "Offices" section under the "Users" menu. You can edit existing departments or create new ones there.


Supported browsers

The web app is fully compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers.

What are the computer requirements?

Frontu web app is accessible through a browser, so there are no specific computer requirements. The computer should be capable of running the latest browsers smoothly.

What type of mobile device is required to use the Frontu mobile app?

The mobile app is designed for devices running Android 4.1 or later versions.

What should I do if the Frontu mobile app unexpectedly shuts down?

If the mobile app shuts down, simply relaunch it and continue using Frontu. The Frontu developers will receive a notification about the unexpected shutdown.

However, if you are unable to relaunch the mobile app, uninstall and reinstall it, and then you can use the Frontu mobile app again.

Which countries is Frontu adapted to?

Frontu is a universal system that can be used in any time zone. Currently, Frontu is available in Lithuanian, English, Ukrainian, Estonian, Latvian, Romanian, Polish, Spanish and Russian languages.

Are backups of our databases made?

Backups of your database are created every day.

How will Frontu help my company?

Frontu is beneficial for your company because:

- You can manage employees and work orders in real-time.

- It offers convenient daily route planning with navigation to the locations.

- Digital signatures and customer evaluations are used after work order completion.

- It can be integrated with your other systems (i.e. ERP, CRM, warehouse management or accounting modules).

- It provides easy analysis and reporting of completed work orders.

- Documents can be digitized, and notes can be added directly to photos within the mobile App.

Is Frontu compatible with iOS and Windows mobile devices?

Frontu is only compatible with devices supporting the Android operating system. iOS is in development stage without estimated date for release at the moment.

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