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Creating Responsible Persons
Creating Responsible Persons
Updated over a week ago

If you wish to add a new responsible person, simply click on the "+ New person" button.

When creating a new responsible person, it is important to assign them to a specific customer. This ensures that their responsibilities are properly aligned with the customer's needs and work orders.

Furthermore, once a responsible person has been created, you have the option to directly create a customer role user for them (available from version 4.3). By right-clicking on the responsible person and selecting "Create User," an internal window will open with pre-filled information based on the responsible person's data. You can then set a password for the user and save your selection. The newly created user will be added to the user list.

It's worth noting that you have the flexibility to assign a responsible person to a customer's object. This allows them to take responsibility for signing off on completed work orders and receiving the associated PDF work order reports. By assigning a responsible person to a specific object, you ensure that the correct individual is accountable for overseeing and validating the completion of work orders.

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