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Work Order Preview

How to preview work order in Frontu.

Updated over a week ago

You can preview work order types by selecting the type in the list of work order types and right-clicking it. Then select QUICK VIEW or DETAILED VIEW in the context menu.

In the preview, you will be able to see detailed information about the work order type, including its settings and configurations. The QUICK VIEW option provides a brief overview, while the DETAILED VIEW option offers more comprehensive information.

By accessing the preview, you can easily review the specific settings and features associated with each work order type. This allows you to understand the characteristics and requirements of different types, enabling you to make informed decisions when assigning or creating work orders.

Actions logged in the work order history

When the organization is managed by few different administrators, sometimes it is hard to follow who made any changes related to the particular work order.

Detailed view Action history is the place you can check user’s actions activity. You can see when the work order was updated and what action was made. We also provide the information who made the changes.

Moreover, you can see if work order was reassigned, when its status was changed or if there are any comments from the customer after signing the particular work order.

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