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Warehouse integration sync problem
Updated over a week ago

If you have a warehouse integration and are experiencing issues with stock visibility in the Frontu application due to synchronization problems, this article is for you!

First things first, the warehouse module is a powerful tool, especially if you manage your warehouse operations in other systems and need to provide access to technicians in Frontu for installations, repairs, and material usage and etc.

At times, synchronization problems can arise between these two different systems. The primary issue may be that not all stock remains are visible in our system, some remains are missing, or there is an inaccurate stock count.

Follow these simple steps to try to resolve this situation on your own:

  1. If you notice that some of the materials do not have the required quantity, or there is an excess or shortage, you can easily navigate in the application to the menu part.

  2. In the menu, you will find the 'Warehouse' section. Within this section, simply click on the 'Update' option.

  3. After that, you will need to wait for the data to be synced.

After the synchronization, go to 'Materials' and check if the stock has been updated. If the data has changed and it now reflects the information you were looking for, congratulations, you've resolved the issue on your own!

Please keep in mind that sometimes you might need to wait for a brief period while the data is being updated. Avoid clicking the 'Update' button multiple times, as it will become unclickable while the update is in progress.

Once the update has successfully synced, you will be able to click the button again if necessary.

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