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In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of Frontu's material management capabilities.

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Adding and Managing Materials

Frontu simplifies the process of adding materials to work orders. By clicking the "Add" button, users can choose from a dropdown list of standard materials already created in the system's backend environment. Additionally, users can create and add new non-standard materials to capture specific requirements. Once all the necessary information is filled out, users can save the material by clicking either the "Save" or "Save and add" button, enabling a smooth workflow. All added materials will be visible in the "Materials" tab, providing a centralized view of the materials associated with the work order.

Creating New Materials

If the desired material is not listed in the dropdown, Frontu allows users to create new materials on the fly. By simply entering the material name and clicking the "Create new using search text" button, users can add non-standard materials to the work order. After creation, users are prompted to enter relevant information for the material, and upon saving, the material is successfully added to the work order.

Scanning Material Codes

Frontu introduces a convenient feature that allows users to scan material's NFC/QR codes. This feature automates the entry of materials, reducing manual input and potential errors. By scanning the code, the system automatically populates the corresponding material information, saving time and ensuring accurate data capture.

Editing and Deleting Materials

Frontu's intuitive interface enables users to easily edit and modify material information. By clicking on an already added material in the list, users can access the "Edit material" window and make necessary changes. Additionally, if a material needs to be removed from the list, users can simply click the recycle bin icon located in the upper-right corner of the "Edit material" window to delete the material.

Material Posts and Accounting Integration

Frontu offers a useful feature called "Material post," which allows employees to enter the cost of purchased materials and the corresponding invoice number. This information serves as valuable data for accounting purposes, facilitating accurate cost tracking and financial reporting.

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