Task report recipients

Completed task act recipient' settings

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There are 4 different places where you can add a PDF/HTML act email recipient:

  1. The recipient for the Customer:

    You can add an email address in the Customer editing window. The completed task act will be sent every time the task is completed in any of this customer's objects.

    An additional setting should also be turned on in the Email report settings:

  2. The recipient for a specific Task Type:

    Just add an email address next-to a task type and the PDF/HTML act will be sent every time the task with such type is completed.

  3. In the application, before collecting customer's signature, you can add one or multiple email addresses for the Customer's contact person. The PDF/HTML act will be sent to this email address.

4. Add an email to List of additional recipients (BEST for additional administrator recipient)
Email report settings > Send completed or approved task report > List of additional recipients.

NOTE: You can check the list of recipients of the act in the detailed view of each completed task:

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