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The work order is not in the application
The work order is not in the application

Work order is not in the application. I cannot see work order in the application

Updated over a week ago

There are a few different issues that might cause the work order not appearing in the Application:

1. Bad internet Connection
Please make sure that your device has a solid connection to the internet.

2. Work Order is not shown because of filters

If you set the incorrect filters or too many of them, they might filter out all work orders from the device:

(The indicator 5 in this example indicates that there are 5 filters turned on)

3. Download the newest APP version

If the App User has an old version of the app, this might create additional synchronization issues. Please make sure to always have the newest app version from Google Play.

You can also set up automatic application updates, here's how:

4. Restart the application

Also, sometimes the application has to be restarted, so the new information would be loaded. Please turn off the application completely, and remove it from the apps working in the background.

5. Other Synchronization issues

In such case, if the other 2 solutions do not apply, please contact customer support, and we will do our best to help you as soon as possible.

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