Restore cancelled Work order

How to restore cancelled work order

Updated over a week ago

Unfortunately, it is not possible to restore a work order that has been cancelled. For this reason, we have added a new permission to allow or forbid app user to cancel the work order:

Go to Settings > "App user" permissions > Forbid the app user to cancel work order:

(you can also forbid the app user to edit the work order)

TIP: Don't forget to click "Save" button.

If the work order has been cancelled by accident, you can copy such work order to create a new work order with the cancelled work order data:

  1. Click "Copy"

2. Add a checkmark to the "Data from original work order" box.

3, "Click add jobs and more" - to add additional information that might be needed in the work order.

4. App user has to fill out the work order again by confirming all the added materials.

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