Guide to Billing

Adding Company Details, VAT, checking your pricing plan and billing history

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You can reach your Billing information by clicking on Users in the left menu of your Web App and then the “Billing” tab. Also, you can click the euro symbol on the right corner.

The pop up window will appear and you will be able to see the following information.

Your current Pricing Plan

Also the number of licenses together with the price calculated for the period of time (e.g. year). You can view your subscription details when clicking on the plan.

Billing and shipping addresses of your company

It can be reviewed by clicking on it. You will see the invoicing email, phone, company’s name, address, country, and VAT Reg. number. Make sure your billing information is valid and reliable. If some information has changed, you have always edit it. Do not forget to add the company’s VAT!

Payment Methods

Payment Methods will allow you to add your payment method. Usually it's a credit card. Fill in the required fields and click “Add” button. When adding a card, you authorize 7 Sprints UAB to save this payment method and automatically charge this payment method whenever a subscription is associated with it.

Billing history

It will show you previous payments. If you have not paid yet for Frontu account, it will be blank but when paid, all payments history will be visible here. On the Billing History page, you can see the plan name, price and date of purchase for all items in the invoice. To print or save a PDF copy of the invoice, select "Download".

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